April 15, 2024


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Mercedes EQS offers autonomous driving technology that you can touch

UN normative body, Global Forum for the Coordination of Vehicle Systems, Agree to the framework document Enable Level 3 Autonomous Driving, which facilitates national regulations. An important point was to transfer the driver’s responsibility to the car manufacturer in the event of an accident.

While Level 3 negotiations continue, the German lawmaker is also discussing a bill that would enable Level 4 vehicles – such as so-called automated taxis – to operate in controlled situations.

Some car manufacturers already offer advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that take over driving functions. However, the driver must at least keep their hands at the wheel, which means they are both classified as Level 2 or Level 2 Plus. “The driver can get away from events on the road and do some secondary activities, for example B. Surf the Internet and communicate with colleagues in the Daimler office in the car,” says Mercedes with its Level 3 pilot. . ”

These activities include not sleeping, looking back for long periods, or getting up from the driver’s seat. Cameras monitor head and eyelid movements to make sure drivers follow the rules.

When prompted, the driver has to take over and Mercedes says the driver should always be on hand. If, for any reason, the driver cannot or cannot take the steering wheel, the EQS is turned off, the hazard warning lights are activated, the doors and windows are opened and an emergency call is automatically made.

According to Mercedes, the Drive Pilot system builds on the existing driver assistance package and adds additional sensors, including a lidar, an additional rear camera and microphones that can be used to detect the presence of emergency vehicles.

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For safety reasons, the Drive Pilot option is also equipped with redundant steering, throttle and electrical systems. According to Mercedes, all algorithms are calculated twice.

Out of the way, EQS is set up for a Tier 4 system: it can park and cancel driverless parking in properties with Infrastructure Parking Service (AVP) using the smartphone app. A similar system is available from Tesla.