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Mayhem at Klein Crepslaw – Cruiser Online

Mayhem at Klein Crepslaw – Cruiser Online

The play celebrated its premiere in May 2022 and is now being shown again in Kammerspiele: “The Blue Earth Only from Space” is based on the novel of the same name by Bjorn Stefan and tells the story of Sasha, who lived shortly after reunification. In a small town in East Germany. Review by Eyck-Marcus Wendt from kreuzer 06/22 on the occasion of the appeal.

sAscha Labude collects strange lyrics. Like “otori age” what In Japanese it describes the feeling after a haircut You look worse than before. These words help Sasha Through the daily life of post-reunification in the ex-workers’ settlement of Klein Krebsa little. An abandoned one, terrorized by the fascist Pawlecki brothers Arid cocks that only his friend Sonny’s best artist The researcher star Juri, who suddenly appeared, lights up.

In the style of Aussie pub popular in recent years Bjorn Stefan says in the novel, “It can only be seen from space The Blue Earth «From the Post-Socialist Experience in the Provinces. The complete ’90s childhood package is here: Vaughn From the angry grandmother Didron on the windowsill To the Nazi brothers in the next block for the depressed father.

Directed by Anna Caroline Schela Kammerspiele the intimacy of the novel by bringing all the characters It could be embodied by two middle-aged actors, one of them Or share the experience of that time in some other way. Thomas Deutl As Sonny and Uwe Kraus as Sascha or sometimes together and In a state of flux they are already much older than the seventh graders, However, their chemistry translates to sworn kudospuberty crusts. Inadvertently they brought sympaThis foolishness of this era at the same time. Here nothing comes Spread, because the wrong place, the light on the platform shines, The audio track plays again.

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However, you get goosebumps at both Under the starry sky while Sasha and Juri look into the eyes and Elton John playing the piano. actors Cheers – with a little help from stage actor Johann Christoph Dread – Sometimes satirical, sometimes sad, and grotesque The inhabitants of the dying planet Kleinkrebslow, who are more It is an experience as a tangible place.

A word Sascha Labude said at the end of this performance Perhaps they stutter, meaning “jammed.” characteristic But the warm cozy feeling of being at home in loving Premiere chaos.

“The Earth Is Only Blue From Space,” Next Dates: 2. – 3. March, 8 p.m., Chamber Games

Cover image by Mimi Schneider

The text first appeared on kreuzer 06/22.