October 24, 2021


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Mario Party Superstars: New Trailer Features Game Boards, Mini Games & More

At the end of October, Mario Party Superstars is a great community game for friends and family. Source: Nintendo

The concert preparations are almost over: it will be released on Friday, October 29 Mario Party Superstars For Nintendo Switch. The set includes five classic game boards from the Nintendo 64 era and 100 mini-games from across the collection. The new trailer introduces the game in great detail and gives an overview of the game boards, mini-games, and game modes.

Mario Party Superstars movie show:

Mario Party Superstars – This is what awaits you

5 classic Mario Party game consoles for the Nintendo 64:

All gamepads have been re-engineered for the Nintendo Switch and each entices with its own unique events.

  • Yoshis Tropininsel
  • space land
  • peach birthday cake
  • Woods Wald
  • land of horror

3 multiplayer options:

The more guests there are, the funnier the party will be. That’s why Mario Party Superstars offers three ways to indulge in multiplayer fun – no matter if you just want to play some short mini-games with friends or take part in 30 marathon courses.

  • Up to four friends can compete with each other and against each other on one console, if everyone has one.
  • Local multiplayer mode is open to all players who have their own Nintendo Switch and copy of the game.
  • Online, on the other hand, anyone with an internet connection, a Nintendo account, and a Nintendo Switch Online member can go to the game board together.

a poster:

When players collect stars on the board, they can use stickers to communicate with each other.

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Fancy a break?

In board game mode, games with friends are saved after each round. This means that the party can be paused at any time and continued later.

100 mini games:

A total of 100 mini-games from the entire Mario Party series are included, including the all-vs-all, 2-vs-2, 1-vs-3, and duel mini-games categories. They are all played using the control buttons.

Mountain Minigames:

Mini Games Mountain is the perfect place to go for anyone who wants to tackle some mini games. Seven different genres are available here: Free Choice, Co-op Match, Triple Challenge, Sports & Puzzle, Super Series, Coin Fight, and Daily Challenge. The mini-game mountain can also be climbed using any of the three mentioned multiplayer methods.

Mario Party Superstars is a new collection of classic Mario Party board games and mini games. The party starts October 29th on Nintendo Switch.