November 27, 2021


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Discover the perfect board game

Everyone, young and old, has already collected Pokemon cards. But usually they stop at the assembly and do not play cards. That’s why Pokémon decided to launch its first board game last August. The Pokémon Trading Card Game Combat Academy is an opportunity for families to have fun with Pokémon cards.

The Pokémon board game that all fans will love

However, today A Pokémon fan decided to start creating his own Pokémon Board game The result is amazing. subscribed to redditThis user named BZNintendo has just been exposed كشف His extraordinary degree is called Ultimate Pokémon.

I took it Four months of work to complete He invited some friends to come play with him over the weekend. In total, The match lasted 23 hours.

The goal of this game is to build your team Collect all 8 badges and win the Pokémon League by facing the Pokémon League of the Council of 4. In short, it is definitely the perfect Pokemon game that all fans will want to play. wait for Find out if this Pokémon board game will be commercialized or notWe let you discover it in the pictures below.

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