February 6, 2023


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Four defeats in eight matches. Flamengo plunge with Ceni – Prism

Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Out, Ceni! Asshole.”

Early on Thursday morning, the attack on the Flamengo coach took place on the walls of the city of Javea.

Aggressive fan protests are reflected in alarming numbers. Four defeats in eight matches. And the second in a row yesterday, in front of Atlético Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte.

The eleventh club has two fewer games.

“It’s the ninth game we’ve had an important absence from the team. These players are tired and this is a very difficult opponent. I understand all the criticism and complaints, and I continue to do my job as best I can,” he said apologetically.

He was clearly dissatisfied because he completed nine matches with the absence of important players called up for the Copa America. For the Brazilian, Chilean, Uruguayan and Paraguayan teams.

He assumed “I understand all the criticism. I understand the fans without a doubt. It’s not normal. When you’re at Flamengo, you can’t lose a match in ten days, let alone three.”

But Ceni surprised in a negative way in the team, even with embezzlement, against Atlético.

Bruno Viana, who did not act for two months, was called the title holder.

“Bruno was training well every day. The reason I started with him was good ball handling and passing between lines. In addition, I wanted Rodrygo against Hulk, and he was very successful in the first half.

“Not always, have a good night,” said the coach. “Bruno hasn’t had such a good night, but the goals came in the second half, when he wasn’t on the field.”

Despite the pressure, Sene still had the protection of Vice Marcos Brazz, who “taken” him from Fortaleza.

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The rest of the board of directors, including President Rodolfo Landim, await next week’s game, in the round of 16 of the Libertadores, against Devenza and Justicia, in Argentina.

Ceni gets more and more nervous with each match.

He knows that he is facing the shadow of Renato Gaucho.

But she did not succeed in getting the flamingo to react.

Security has been beefed up at Galeao Airport.

Fear of the fans themselves.

The walls have graffiti…