September 26, 2023


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Expresso platform: big games | Luis Felipe Vieira spends the second night in the cells of the Moscavide PSP . squadron

Luis Felipe Vieira, president of Benfica, will spend the second night in a row in the cells of the leadership of the capital, Lisbon, in Moscovede. The Benfica president spent the afternoon at the Central Criminal Instructions Court (TCIC), in Lisbon, but has not yet been questioned by Judge Carlos Alexandre. This should happen tomorrow, Friday. Only then will it be known what coercive measures the investigative judge will apply.

The Public Prosecution Office intends that the coercive measure to be applied to Vieira will be heavier than the duration of identification and residence due to the seriousness of the offenses involved, the risk of desertion, continuing criminal activity or destruction of evidence.

This afternoon, lawyers for the four detainees in the red card operation were consulting the case on the alleged fraud of the embodied leader in business and transactions with the state, Benfica and Novo Banco, which amounted to more than 100 million euros.

Expresso had access to an arrest warrant for Luis Felipe Vieira, who revealed that the Benfica president and the companies he controls had devised “fraud schemes” to dissipate the assets of Benfica SAD, Novo Banco and the Portuguese state, “both at the tax collection headquarters and in terms of public financing of the settlement fund.” and the mechanism of the emergency capital agreement.

According to a note from the Supreme Judicial Council, the records were handed over to the TCIC, issued by the Central Department of Criminal Investigation and Procedure (DCIAP), this Thursday, at 15:17. Already the order determining the passage to the first judicial interrogation, was issued at 15:35. The identification of the accused and the reporting of the facts began at 15:40. Lawyers were provided with a single room to meet with their constituents and see the evidence, from 15:45. Fact-finding and reporting ended at 4:07 p.m.

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The investigation began in 2018 and the facts date back to 2014. The president, his son Thiago Vieira and businessmen Jose Antonio dos Santos known as “Re dos Franjos” and Bruno Macedo are suspected of parole fraud, gross breach of trust, document fraud, money laundering and qualified tax fraud.