October 24, 2021


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Vitria finished 7 games fast and is 3 points away from leaving Z4 out of Serie B

Vetria ended two taboos on Tuesday by upsetting Sampaio Cora, central Estadio Castelo, in Su Los, for the 30th round of the Series B of the Brazilian Championship. Bahia’s 1-0 victory was their first after seven matches – four defeats and three draws – and Eduardo’s goal was the first after three away games.

Despite the good news, coach Wagner Lopez’s side is still in the relegation zone, 18th with 29 points, behind the stick left. Sampaio Kura, in turn, lost the opportunity to close the gap in the G-4 – the access zone – and remained in the middle of the ranking table, in tenth place with 40 points.

Vetria was meticulous in their arrival in the first half. Early in the 4 minutes, Eduardo received a low foul, the ball deflected to Baraka and deceived Luiz Daniel. Meanwhile, Sampaio Corra requested a penalty at 37, after Marcinho hit the area, but Santa Catarina referee Luis Augusto Silvera Tessen did not score.

The second half was worse. The first chance came after just 33 minutes. Pimentinha made a good move, he actually made the pass inside the area, but Lou Arthur missed the goal, over the goal. At forty-nine, Pimentina sent the procedure to Jan Silva, who headed toward him and missed another good opportunity. Both coaches worked in their teams, but to no avail and the result did not change.

In Round 31, Sampaio Cora will only return to the field next Tuesday, when he visits Curitiba, at Coto Pereira Stadium, in Curitiba, at 9:30 p.m. On Saturday, the 23rd, Viteria will receive Brazil-RS, at 4:30 pm, at Parado Stadium, in Salvador.

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Sampaio Run 0 x 1 Vitria

SAMPAIO operation –

Louise Daniel Watson, Alan, Nelson Jr., Alison (Mascarenhas); Eluard and Maricho Arago (Le Arthur), Baraka (Jean Silva) and Nadson (Ferreira); Pepper and Seal (Jackson). Coach: Felipe Sorian.

Vitria –

Archangel Lucas Van and Mateus Moaris, Wallace Reis and Roberto; Joe Pedro, Bruno Oliveira (Cedric) and Eduardo (Kaki Souza); Fabinho, Marcinio (David) and Manuel (Samuel). Coach: Wagner Lopez.

Objectives –

Eduardo, in the 4th minute of the first half.

yellow cards –

Felipe Sorian, Alison Wasel (Sampio Korra); Manuel, Bruno Oliveira and Lucas Arcango (Vitria).

Rule –

Luiz Augusto Silvera Thiessen (SC).

Revenues –

37.305.00 Brazilian Real.


3720 fans.


– Castillo Stadium in So Lus (MA).