February 28, 2024


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Mansio collaborates with L.OS: Bosch’s logistics platform is now equipped with traffic meeting technology – Digitization and Networking (General) |  News |  Logstra

Mansio collaborates with L.OS: Bosch’s logistics platform is now equipped with traffic meeting technology – Digitization and Networking (General) | News | Logstra

Start-up Masio GmbH, known for its traffic-facing software solutions, has joined forces with Bosch’s L.OS digital logistics platform. From the beginning of 2024, Masio should be bookable via the L.OS Open Service platform. The technical integration of the software into the platform is scheduled to take place in May 2024.

“We see the Bosch L.OS digital ecosystem as a simple, future-oriented solution that allows shippers and shippers to choose the right applications from a range of digital solution providers for road freight transport, use them in an integrated way and combine them without building their own interfaces.” This approach suits us. “, explains Mancio Managing Director Dr. Mike Schurmeier.

By integrating with L.OS, Mansio expects to significantly increase its visibility and reach. What is particularly noteworthy is the potential for placement on this platform to create new business relationships with carriers and freight forwarders who were previously outside the Mansio network.

An open approach to technology

Mansio is also striving to integrate its own application into shippers’ TMS solutions, and its first provider is already on the L.OS platform.

“This is an opportunity for us to work more closely with shippers. Our approach is fundamentally open to technology. In particular, the use of digital transportation platforms enables small and medium-sized companies to easily transfer data from on-site traffic to freight forwarding software,” says Schurmeyer. Commenting on potential synergistic effects.

One of the main advantages of Mansio is simplifying access to encounter services as an alternative to transportation. Platform users benefit from one streamlined registration process, making it easy to get started with this type of transportation.

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In addition, Mansio is closely related to other solution areas offered on the L.OS platform. These include basic applications such as IT, shipment tracking, emissions calculators and driver communication. These connections are important for the effective implementation of encounters and potentially provide synergy to users of the platform.

Facing traffic solves future problems

Mansio’s software enables shippers to organize business-to-business meetings and staging transportation. In this system the truck semi-trailer is moved from one truck to another during transportation. Above all, meeting services provide improved working conditions for drivers through shorter routes and better planning. Not an unimportant aspect in times when drivers are hard to find.

Additionally, given the limited range of electric trucks, meeting traffic can become even more important by enabling efficient routing and reloading. It also contributes to saving costs and preserving the environment by reducing empty trips and planning the route more efficiently. The flexibility and scalability of different carriers complete the advantages.