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Ludger Brümmer Review – Sonic Patterns

Ludger Brümmer Review – Sonic Patterns

“Sonic Patterns” is a depiction of the work of electronic musician Ludger Brümmer.

A lot has happened since the first sine wave in the early days of electronics, especially with the advent of the computer in sound generation. Ludger Brümmer is one of the most influential contemporaries in this field. The “Sonic Patterns” photo album with cuts from 1995 to 2019 provides a good cross-section of his work. What inspires Brummer is not only his curiosity for unknown sounds, variety of colours, abundance of textures and shades of intensity, but above all his sovereign formal disposition and flair for the dramatic. How the rhythmic energy contrasts with the surfaces here, and how the lines of development, turmoil, waves of crescendo and relaxation are a captivating score. Brümmer’s inspirational beats range from Stravinsky to simple trills. From this creates new worlds of sound. This often produces sucking, sometimes hypnotic, effects. Only the oldest piece, Le temps s’ouvre, has narcissistic lengths.

sonic patterns

Sebastian Berwick (piano), Ludger Brummer (live electronics)
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