November 30, 2021


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Loot for the world 8: procedure, guests, program – all information

Loot for World 8 starts tomorrow! All information about the schedule, procedures, guests and much more. Source: Loot for the World

As we have already announced to you, the Big Loot for World 8 will take place this weekend. For the eighth time, the organizers are looking for donations for a good cause with many guests and a colorful program. 32 hours of live program to raise funds for a total of four charitable projects as fun and entertaining as possible, which are in dire need of support.

The 8th Loot Charitable Giving to the World will take place on November 13-14, 2021. The official press release about the event explains that YouTubers like LeFloid/DoktorFroid, SpaceFrogs, Frodoapparat, SnappyInc, RobBubble, and Marti Fischer have been streaming with guests for 32 hours for good reason.

Robin Bubble aka RobBubble about this:

“This year, we’ve once again created a variety program in two groups that not only promises to shine a light on the games: viewers can also look forward to Jan Hegenberg’s cooking, competition and live performances, which we’re especially looking forward to!”

Schedule at a glance

With two clear drawings, the organizers show us the elements of the program that we can expect with the guests. This year, among others, if we already know, there will be Farbenfuchs, Dennis & Piet von Pietsmiet, Vlesk, Sissor, Anni the Duck, Mahluna, Shurjoka and Dhalucard. Some guests are operated digitally, and everyone on site is pre-tested for COVID-19. But the list goes on. Also in attendance will be Basu, Lara Luft, Andre Mogimi from Vugar, RvNx Mango, Krogy and even Evil Jared.

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the current:

Mainstream schedule LFDW8.  Source: Loot for the World
Mainstream schedule LFDW8. Source: Loot for the World

Stream games:

LFDW8 Games Broadcast Schedule.  Source: Loot for the World
LFDW8 Games Broadcast Schedule. Source: Loot for the World

Viewers can support four selected organizations via Germany’s largest donation platform Betterplace – this is also possible by purchasing merchandise. 100% of the profits made here go to the donation bowl. This year it is shared by the following organizations: sea ​​keeperAnd daisy and the animal shelter berlin You will receive 30 percent of the total donation Lucky Dog Inn 10 percent.

Loot the World 8: Donation goals set

Last year, the charity raised more than €300,000, and since the “Loot for the World” campaign began in 2014, more than €1.3 million has been raised for a noble cause.

Oliver Dombrowski from DoktorFroid:

“We are very proud and happy to have such a wonderful community on our side, which supports us year after year in fundraising for important organizations. It has left us speechless many times in the past few years.”

The introductory program begins next Saturday, November 13, at 1 p.m., and Loot for World 8 ends on November 14. 22 o’clock. All information and links to the streams are available at www.lootfü

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the current:

Stream games: