September 28, 2022


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“Long live Elvis!” – How the flame dazzled ‘American talent’ with ‘Deep Fake’ technology

Our video shows a small excerpt from the show by Chris Ohme, who used his show to project the face of a young Elvis Presley to an actor. These are not archival photos of Elvis from the 1950s or 1960s. Thanks to his technique, Chris Ohme wants the audience to experience what Elvis sounded like at the height of his career: “It’s a perfect version of his voice and it’s synthetic. We can experience his concerts in a new way just by bringing it back.”

At the conclusion of “America’s Got Talent,” Chris Ohme was able to inspire the jury so much by dropping it that they stood and sang together. But he was “only” enough to get fourth place, but he was able to inspire not only the jury and the American television audience.

After the end, he was approached by the company “Elvis Estate” that manages the rights to the American star. She’s so excited she can’t imagine doing something like this in Las Vegas, as Chris Ohme told VRT NWS, “They did it and they told them yesterday (Wednesday night in Las Vegas (Editor)). That was pretty cool. They said there’s going to be a collaboration. Nice and long with us. The goal is for us to come up with other projects. Elvis is in Las Vegas, that’s easily possible.”

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