February 22, 2024


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Local Councilor – Andreas Fahlmann is the new Games Mayor

Local Councilor – Andreas Fahlmann is the new Games Mayor

It was a special local council meeting on Tuesday evening at the Games Town Hall, which was attended by an unusual number of visitors. Following the resignation of Rinat Rakowitz, the election of the new mayor was on the agenda that evening.

Before the start of the electoral process, Audit Committee Chairman Franz Hehr (ÖVP) evaluated the previous meeting of the Audit Committee, which was required due to the change in mayor. “The committee would like to see more optimal planning and support for projects in the future,” he emphasizes in the direction of Andreas Fahlmann. Valman has been a contract employee of the mall since June 1, 1993 and has worked in the Department of Construction and General Administration since 2001. He has been deputy mayor since February 26, 2018.

The father-of-two was elected the new local boss in the subsequent ballot by 19 out of 21 votes. “This result fills me with pride and joy. I am happy with the clear vote and thank you for your trust,” Valman emphasized in his first speech. “I will do everything openly and transparently to implement the challenges and projects identified.”

Meanwhile, the new mayor thanked his predecessor. “It is a great honor, Renate, to have you here today. Thank you for everything you have done for the community,” he said as he handed over a bouquet of flowers. Floral thanks for their support were also sent to his wife and two daughters.

Renate Rawitz, who has been out of office since January 28, took a seat in the audience this time. Fahlman thanked her for her commitment to the community with flowers.

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Of course, there were also congratulations from the ranks of the local council. ÖVP board member Peter Bruckner emphasized: “I look forward to a good cooperation. Since there are already discussions about this, I hope it will work out well.” SPÖ party leader Clarissa Schmitz also congratulated the newly elected duo at the head of the society.

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In the future, the position of deputy mayor will be held by Peter Möllner, who was elected by the local council as executive councilor in two rounds and then as deputy mayor by a majority of 16 votes. “I am very happy with the fantastic response,” Möllner confirmed in his first statement to NÖN.

Werner Prebisch joined the local council as a new member.


On Wednesday, Mayor Andreas Wallmann and Deputy Mayor of the theme park Peter Möllner were sworn in by district commander Johann Sieber.

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