May 25, 2024


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Lions Ten: "Data is new oil!"

Lions Ten: “Data is new oil!”

The Lion’s Cave
“Data is fresh oil!”

Written by Guy Butterweck

Come and see and be amazed! Screen for new pitch adventure. In the main roles at this time: a bubble soap tablet, pink disposable gloves and baking-proof artificial intelligence.

Take another deep breath before crossing the Amias Haptu pressing your thumb and entering the lion’s den. For two northern lights, Moritz Simch and Sebastian Jung, this is more than their own business fortune. In addition to a personal view of the future, saving the world is no less on the Nordic list.

Fast on the durable fast track, the Tinker duo want to save a lot of plastic waste with their “sauce” efficient tablet. Cucumber-shaped soap quickly casts a spell on many lions. Judith Williams in particular looks at the fragrant soapy water and excitedly rubs her hands: “You’re awesome!”, The beauty queen cheers the two “sauce” founders.

Judith Williams shows Ralph Dummel with a long nose

Tuckmar World and Regale-Konic Ralph Dummel are also delighted. Three lucrative offers are quickly on the table. Then quickly wash his hands, Judith Williams jumps out of the chair with a smile on her face. The German-American has the deal in his pocket – the fact that Ralph Dummel clearly doesn’t fit things.

The smart Hanseatic man with the light of a friend, can laugh out loud again after a while. The “beer crust” pitch from the Munich-based Trintle Baker Ines Pister is not quite digested, but Ralph Dummel once again blows a melting scent. Two self-proclaimed “women” Eugene Rimculo and Andre Ritterswarten are very popular with the DS boss. The reason: with their tumbling removal invention (“Pinky”), the two crazy friends fit right into the stupid prey plan.

Niles Glago also likes the pink disposable glove. But in the end the two founders have only one “desire-lion” eyes. He goes by the name of Ralph Dummel.

Straight in the direction of the big business Olympus


Can “Pinky” be persuaded?

(Photo: TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

From the underworld paradise (the two “pinky” founders demanded 30,000 euros for 20 percent of the company’s shares) it goes straight to the big business Olympus. Mariam Walmer, a “Hestkin technology” expert from Sebothenruth, has already invested 1. 1.7 million in her flagship “Lucky Loop” project. Although the company is valued at less than 4.5 million euros, the founder and his assistant patent attorney, Moritz Ernike, are in their own league. But you need to allow yourself to ask important questions.

As Ralph Dummel lifts himself up like Dalton Pro in the therapy chair he brought with him, George Kofler and Carsten Mashmeyer ask, “How do you imagine the whole thing in two or three years?” A silent lawyer at the end of a multi-million pitch and a frustrated founder who imagined everything, nothing more than going home empty-handed.

“You know what: I like it!”

One of the computer scientist Justus Lawton Mr. Kofler and Mr. Mashmeyer shows how he can get excited about himself and his idea. Smart technology with school boy laughter comes around the corner with a self-developed forecast software. Through his “” application, Justus wants to ensure that food waste in bakeries and other businesses is kept to a minimum in the future. “You know what: I like it!”, George Kofler goes on to become the first eager lion.

Carsten Mashmeyer will not let anything burn in the slipstream, and the “dream founder” will put a lot of honey in his mouth. “Data is new oil!”, Ferres’ husband tells the founder quickly before Justice Lawton makes the final One Man-Moo decision, and Carsten Mashmeyer wins his first personal contract. Congratulations on that. Dear Mr. Kofler. Your own contract moment will surely come.

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