May 20, 2024


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LG has unveiled smartphones that will be upgraded to Android 12 and 13

LG has unveiled smartphones that will be upgraded to Android 12 and 13

A few days ago South Korean manufacturer, LG, Announced the abandonment of the smartphone market. Thus, by the end of the first half of this year, the company will have discontinued production equipment and only what the company has in stock will reach the market.

When the company released this announcement, it quickly sweated the alarm in the minds of users who have purchased branded devices in recent months. After a few hours, the company announced that it would continue to support devices that have already reached the market.

Now, LG has revealed which devices will get the update for Android 12 and Android 13 and the list of devices that are no longer supported on Android 11.

LG devices that are constantly updating their Android are here

  • Update devices for Android 12 and 13
    • LG Wing
    • LG Velvet
    • LG Velvet LTE
  • Devices that receive updates only up to Android 12
    • LG V50s
    • LG V50
    • LG G8
    • LG Q52
    • LG Q92
  • Equipment on Android 11
    • LG Q51
    • LG Q61
    • LG Q7O
    • LG Q9 One

The information in question came from the company’s Korean website, and some of these updates may be for the South Korean market only, which has occurred a few times in the past.

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