November 30, 2023


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Linda Zarvakis: Farewell to Tageshaw - the media

Linda Zarvakis: Farewell to Tageshaw – the media

Tagesschau Speakers’ latest shows deliver these little sensations that the audience often awaits in vain. What will he do, what will you give as a final greeting to the people there? The spectrum ranges from Karl Heinz Copke, the old king of news in a pale blue suit, who announced his departure in 1987 in his last broadcast, dry as dust in the desert: “Now another character. As of tomorrow.” Even the much-loved Jan Hoover 2020 meeting, who tied his necktie, referring to his second TV life in private, where the tie isn’t very necessary.

Linda Zarvakis, who had been in the sacred print at 8 p.m. for eight years, was the face of the program, a sovereign speaker, as well as a podcast publisher and original author, distinguishing her from his old Kopke, who dared to speak to people with an arrogant, so flowery novel that Spiegel He wrote the “Köpcke Placebo Hormone Fountain” for the review. Reactions to Zervakis’ “Queen of Colored Bags”, in which she talks about her youth and the greek family’s booth in Hamburg-Harburg, are very different. Anyone reading this will feel their talent for irony and self-irony, and thus it is also suitable for formats beyond Tagesschau, which is why public interest in her personal farewell formula has increased throughout the day. What will you do at the end of the last broadcast?

But the party consisted mainly of a modern delicacy. At the premiere she wore a red jacket with a black shirt, like this time. And in the end he just said, “Do it well and stay healthy” – a more realistic bow that devotees may have been disappointed with on the one hand. Not even a bouquet of flowers sailed in the photo – Ingo Zamperoni delivered it only in everyday themes and got ouzo in return. On the other hand: What is more important than health? Unprecedented at the last minute, Dagmar Berghof, who, however, placed her last duty on the last day of the last millennium, New Year’s Eve 1999. “Well, ladies and gentlemen – that’s all for me,” he said after the weather map and won Fight your tears. The band “Erdmöbel” later condensed everything really well into the song “It was a bright night, story end”. For Dagmar Berghof, it was really the case at the time, I retired too early. In the case of Linda Zarvakis, whoever broadcaster you are attracted to, there’s still a wide night out for longer and no end to the story.

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