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Archiv: Das Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra (Quelle: image-images/Holger John)

Cosmostage Festival: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Crazy Galaxies of Music

Imago stocks and people

Audio: Inforadio | 04/27/2021 | Love over | picture: Imago stocks and people

Kosmostage Festival

Walk through the galaxies of crazy music

The Berlin Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra plays live at the “Kosmostage” festival. A laboratory for musical possibilities, where musicians practice irresistible chemistry at a high technical level Love over.

The non-acceptance of any of the musical genres has been a popular musical approach to business since postmodernism made everything possible. But it’s rare to simply turn all boundaries – especially when the music still makes sense!

Since Munich composer, distributor and saxophonist David Glatzel compiled and blew it up in 2006, the Andromega Mega Express orchestra has become a laboratory of musical possibilities: for example, merging hip-hop tracks in the style of the great producer J Dela with Bach glasses, the bizarre copper rattling with a minimal – TV crime patterns and music with mashups for kids.

Improvisation, disco punk, afrobunk, lovable kitsch

Always at a high technical level, musicians combine choppy walls like those at the forefront of French rock of the 1980s, contemporary electronic music and free improvisation, disco punk and afro-funk or the contemporary dissonance with detoxification of the 1950s. Sometimes all of this is welded together in irregular complexes, sometimes also in an irresistible mixture of genre chemistry – between cleverly composed ecstasy and very musical chatter of fun to play.

Most of the eighteen musicians play multiple instruments, and the result is a large, changeable and dazzling band sound, which is sometimes reduced to chamber music or easier to relax grooves: with saxophones, flutes, keyboards and strings, electric guitars, drums and turning buttons – there is even a guitar Guitar generator, random, audio codec, and harmonica. very crazy! Especially when they simply call an album with demanding music – and wild astronaut graphics on its cover – “Boom Boom.”

Free stream from 8 pm.

Like Nancy’s flute player, who plays both modern as well as ancient music, they are all busy musicians, in a variety of genres and activities. But when they get together occasionally at the Andromega Mega Express Orchestra, it’s as if they’ve been waiting eagerly – the play is full of energy and subtlety of sleepwalking!

Since AMEO doesn’t have an audience to blow it up at this fourth edition of Kosmostage, the music is a bit more curvaceous: it was previously produced in eight 30-minute videos, with support from performance portal Berta. Berlin; On its video channel as well as on the Andromeda Orchestra channel in addition to the original organizer Radialsystem channel, the streams will also be available for free from 8 p.m. on broadcast: On the first evening, the typical AMEO color orchestra formations bubble up, but from Wednesday, musicians flock to solve musical tasks . For example, they somehow interact with compound poles that are triggered mathematically. The specially designed “Kosmostage IV” ultrasound machine – an ultrasound scanner – documents both acoustic and spatial processes.

Always a surprise

In the ecstatic category, things are less lively in the show, and instead, two musicians spin around a point with all the sound potential of their instrument, drawing the listener to compose the music in a completely hypnotic way. In another concert series called Pheromone Poetry, they play Czech and Alpine folklore with free jazz pieces by Anthony Braxton and the works of surrealist composer Giacinto Celse.

The term “Aesthetics of Swarm” stands above all of the performances – but the fact that the Andromega Mega Express Orchestra doesn’t take any theoretical claim seriously is revealed in the strange corruption of the festival slogan: “Interstellar Waggle Crush” – literally translating as the interstellar squadron. ” This “devastating” swarm comes from the “ravings of something” in modern internet communications.

Surprise is always expected when the group emerges. Andromega Mega Express Orchestra: A Traveler’s Guide to Galaxies of Music.

Broadcast: Inforadio, April 27, 2021, 7:55 am

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