June 23, 2024


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Lille-Galtier: “The title? We have to be better in the match”

The Lille coach expects more of his players on the way, after a slow victory over Prairie Metz.

A perfect operation for a Friday evening night. They traveled to Metz at the start of the 32nd day of the French League, the Mastiffs winning in order to distance themselves from their chaser at the helm of the tournament.

“I’m going to have a good weekend, for sure. We’ll see what happens alongside the other teams. Tonight, it was really tough because Metz gave a very good game. There might be frustration with them, I can imagine.”Christophe Galtaire confessed it at the final whistle at St.Symphurian.

“The start of the match was slow, and we faced the opponent’s desire to play very directly or on both sides. We had a problem taking the balls out due to excessive haste. We had waste in the first intention. It was better in the second part of the first period.”

“When it’s 0-0, Mike (Megan) makes the necessary save. After that, it’s easier to win behind you when you don’t concede. That gives us a boost of solidarity. It coincides with our end in the first period and we were decisive on both surfaces.”

Because the northern technician is well aware that his team will have to show more in the game in the coming weeks if he wants to reach the end of the race for the title. Because that’s what it is, a week after the victory at Parc des Princes against Paris Saint-Germain.

“To get the title? We have to maintain our mentality, and make efforts for each other, Galtier continues. But we have to be better at the game, and we’ll be reviewing the information during our next work week. To avoid being an average of more than thirty minutes.

“Being the best defense is important. But we have to clear the rain. In the first half, I made certain things clear about our outings.”

Lille still has six days in the French league to face its fate at its feet. Next Friday, he will start receiving Montpellier before heading to Lyon.

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