May 27, 2024


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Lidl hits harder this time, great gameplay with a trip and many more good things to win

Lidl has been known to make people happy. Low prices all year round for basic products, this is the hallmark of the German brand. objection Do not hide from you that this time is a master stroke for Lidl. In fact, it’s not about saving money by paying a small amount for a quality product. It’s about spending absolutely anything! On the other hand, it will be necessary to be lucky to be among the winners. The Lidl competition gives everyone a chance and will pick winners by lot. To win a trip but also many other prizes!

Lidl makes us dream about very attractive shows

It’s not a single competition but rather two of the contests that are currently running thanks to Lidl. The first is on the Lidl Voyages Show and allows participants to try their luck to win a 250 € voucher on the itinerary of their choice. The second offers a voucher worth 500 euros! In one as well as in other competitions, the German brand has planned multiple consolation prizes. If the travel coupon isn’t for you, you might be the winner of other great prizes. These are very popular products that Lidl sells and she’s going to tell us about it.

Lidl stores prove they are not lacking in enthusiasm. On the shelves and among the brand’s employees, everything is done to make customers smile. How can you resist such opportunities? And for those who aren’t players, Lild doesn’t leave you behind. Because going to Lidl stores is always a winner. In fact, no matter how much you decide to buy it on its shelves, you definitely save money. You can’t go wrong with a grill, vacuum cleaner, cutting board, or even an essential oil dispenser.

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With a guarantee that applies to the vast majority of their products, Lidl will never embarrass you. If you trust the discount brand, the queen of deals, feel free to take advantage of their amazing promotions. Finally, it will be an opportunity to test your luck by participating in these contests. objection This assures you, they have already achieved great success on social networks. Because the first competition has been active since April 23 and the second since May 5. Hurry for all your chances of winning travel vouchers!

Two competitions not to be missed

Lidl is at the party to bring back smiles to her customers. To participate in these two competitions, nothing could be simpler. objection We will share the terms with you in the rest of this article. You will find all the necessary information in the pictures included in our editorial staff. Thus, the first competition in which the jackpot is a 250 € voucher for the trip that will reward two winners. Participants can play until July 19 and the most attentive play since April 23. Nothing is easier than registering with the registration form.

But the next match will be shorter. It is only open from May 5th to 23rd. Also, you will only be able to post each day once. This will give you a better chance of being drawn. As for the consolation prizes, if the first contest is about perfect tools for the beach, then the second is about wines and famous spirits.


Your magazine objection Hope you take this opportunity. In fact, Lidl has big thought of letting a few of her clients sunbathe. So the pandemic can be forgotten for a few moments thanks to a well-deserved holiday. This “World Spirits Tour” promises to attract people. You can save even more with these completely free contests.

A great way to prepare for your summer vacation instead of leaving with a € 500 cut in your budget, isn’t it? You now have all the cards on hand to make your summer more idyllic for less. Indeed, it would be a shame to miss this opportunity.

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