October 24, 2021


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Leipzig stinks terribly in toilet arrangement: last place nationwide

Leipzig stinks terribly in toilet arrangement: last place nationwide

There are hardly any public toilets – and very few… unassuming. Leipzig is last in the ranking of toilets nationwide. The winner is the southern German city.

The portal kurz-mal-weg.de has examined the ten most popular German places for travelers in the city regarding their public toilets. The result was devastating from Leipzig’s point of view: the city fell to last place by a clear margin and scored only four points out of a possible 30.

place city Quality Quantity Accessibility total points
1 Munich 7 9 9 25
2 Dresden 10 7 7 24
2 Heidelberg 4 10 10 24
4 Berlin 5 8 8 21
5 Hamburg 8 6 6 20
6 Lubeck 9 5 5 19
7 back dam 6 2 3 11
7 Cologne 3 4 4 11
9 Bremen 1 3 2 6
10 Leipzig 2 1 1 4

Others can shine: the master of the German toilet is Munich. Dresden and Heidelberg follow closely in second place with 24 points each. Reason for Leipzig’s poor performance: Toilets disappointment in all three categories evaluated.

While Munich has more than 140 public places according to research by kurz-mal-weg.de (of which 74 are barrier-free), there are only 13 in Leipzig (five of which are barrier-free). And according to the portal, the quality is also not good.

“Water was everywhere”

In order to evaluate it, kurz-mal-weg.de consulted the Google ratings of all toilets in the respective cities. Leipzig toilets received an average of 2.76 stars and were at least slightly better in this category than those in Bremen with 2.71 stars. But compared to the best quality in Dresden (average of 4.09 stars), it becomes clear how much Leipzig has sunk.

A total of 146 Google reviews of the “Loo & Me” toilets at the main train station are hallmarks. “When I visited, there was water everywhere in the ladies’ room,” says a typical review. “The sanitizer and soap are gone and the toilets are filthy. I will never go back to this place!”

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Leipzig commends the improvement

Now the city of Leipzig wants to get better. While you don’t have any influence over the offerings of private operators, the city also has a few things on its hands, according to the Department of Urban Development and Construction.

In a statement, the department wrote: “The problem of the current shortage of public toilets in Leipzig relates to the change in the concession of outdoor advertising contracts: due to the change of operator, all public toilets had to be dismantled and equipped with new systems. Additional sites that did not have a toilet would also be built. A year ago. The construction of the new toilets has yet to be completed.”