October 24, 2021


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Tirzah – Colorgrade (Rezension) – ByteFM

Tirzah – Colorgrade (Domino Records)


Color grading is one of the many underrated aspects of filmmaking. Color grading, as this process is called in formal English, often decides the success or failure of a feature film. It is not enough just to point the camera at the people who are good actors. In the end, the motion pictures also have to fit together. A well-chosen color spectrum adds a lot to the flow and character of the movie.

The funny thing is that Terza launched her second album, “Colorgrade” from everything. The British artist’s music has many qualities: her debut album “Devotion” was sensual simplicity at its finest, an enchanting blend of tight dance R&B and UK garage beat. But a wide range of colors is not one of these qualities. So far, Tarsah’s song has always appeared in brutal concrete gray. Sings love songs for abandoned warehouses, and the perfect soundtrack for a stroll through abandoned industrial areas, depicted in the colors of the dead of night.

Love songs in gray

It’s no different with Colorgrade. In general, there is a lot that resembles its predecessor: Tarsa barely leaves its comfort zone of electronic heart music. Collaboration is almost identical to that of Dedication. The master of the soundtrack, Good-Sad-Happy-Bad member and childhood friend Micah Levy is back in the mixer, again Coby Sey stopped by for an acoustic guest appearance. The musical instruments are perhaps a little more distorted than they initially were, from the digitally ripped ghost sounds of the opening to the drone sounds of “Recipe” and blues guitar sampler “Sleeping” to the ending of “Send Me” that suddenly exploded. Most of these songs can fit seamlessly into ‘Dedication’.

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This seems like a bad thing now. But those who work at a level like Tarsa don’t have to reinvent themselves to produce breathtaking artwork. And you can be sure that breaths are often taken at “Colorgrade”. “Hive Mind” is a weightless R&B duet with Coby Sey evoking maximum intensity with minimal hardware. At the end of the album “Hibs,” a rumble sound as clear as a bell separates a sea of ​​mist from chirping, like the first rays of sunshine on a raving morning. It is really a pleasure to be back in the monochrome night music in Tarsa.

Release: October 1, 2021
Label: Domino’s Records

Image with text: ByteFM friends

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