October 24, 2021


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Bite 20 - Box Art - Photo by Three Magician Games

PES 20 – A fun card game with a memo and a promise

If you no longer know the number that comes after 12 and there is nothing left in your head, then you have probably met Fritz. The shy little bat loves not only numbers, but also confused people. Thanks to Fritz, the simple task of counting to 20 together becomes a fun challenge for 2-8 players aged 7 and over.

One, two, three, seventeen

PES 20 is a cooperative family game created by Lena Burckhardt and Gunter Burckhardt (Dre Mager Spiel), in which not only brain cells are trained. The laughter muscles are also very busy when adding new tasks round by round. The lovingly illustrated game consists of 20 digital cards, 40 order cards, 20 gems and instructions in three languages. The goal of the combined operation seems very simple at first: you go up to 20 in a group.

And what is the challenge? This is due to the gradual exchange of numbers for tasks. So the seven z. A whisper and the nine draw in the air. The thirteen have been replaced by ‘mo’ and instead of saying all three, you have to sing them. After each successful round, chance decides which additional number will be exchanged for one of the 40 colored missions. The row of numbers becomes a design for sounds, gestures and movements. Everyone should participate so that tasks from previous rounds are not confused or forgotten. Because you can only see the current arrangement. If someone makes a mistake, the current counting round ends and the group discards a gem from its supply. Then the group can try their luck again. If the team masters a certain number of tasks, it wins the game. On the other hand, if all the gems have to be offered, they are lost.

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Mental jogging for generations

This fun memory game is great for young and old. If you can count to 20 for sure, you’ll play along! Quick setup and simple rules make the game attractive even to non-players. Whether you are a couple, in a small family, or in a large group, laughter is definitely inevitable. After a few laps, there’s a huge mess of numbers in the head and a nice team dynamic emerges. Everyone is enthusiastic, give secret hints and feel good at turning 20.

PES 20 not only brightens up boring family celebrations, but can also be used as a warm-up on a game evening or as a group exercise. And if it should be worse, the instructions refer to a competitive game type. In teams up against each other or against each other, laughing with each other is sure to quickly turn into joy. If you are looking for competition, you can compete with others here, and everyone stays diverse in the co-op game. Because it already brings so much good that in fact it did not need to be changed.

The Game of the Year judges were so impressed with Biss 20 that it was included in this year’s recommendation list. Winning wasn’t enough, but it will still provide entertaining moments in many families!