July 20, 2024


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Leading Technology – Cochem/ZIL

Leading Technology – Cochem/ZIL

Gillenborn. Converting the sewage treatment plant into a hybrid pumping station with its own power source. Water quality for treated wastewater becomes neutral to carbon dioxide.

┬╗From here, the wastewater will be pumped over 2.1 km to the nearest sewage treatment plant in Schmidt. This connection to the Schmidt wastewater treatment plant in turn increases the cleaning performance and therefore the water quality in the surrounding water bodies. Stefan Mohr of IBS Ingenieure explained to the VG Ulmen working committee on the site that the pressure line that had already been laid was mostly drilled under waterways using flushing pits in a closed process in a gentle on water manner. .

With the Hybrid Pumping Station, the optimum operating point is reached when sewage is pumped in order to be able to respond as best as possible to the lack of dry weather and the influx of heavy rainy weather. Load dependent sewage pumping through sewage storage as mega storage and auxiliary energy storage in conjunction with PV system is implemented here for the first time to this extent by sewage works. Thanks to this pioneering technology, it is possible to use a large amount of special electricity with the help of a photovoltaic and storage system.

As per the current situation, the sewage will be pumped to the Schmidt Wastewater Treatment Plant at the end of this year if there are no further delays due to delivery bottlenecks. During plant conversion, temporary malfunctions or short-term shutdown of the plant are avoided, since construction takes place entirely during continuous operation. After the system conversion is successfully completed, the oxidation channel will be closed so that the photovoltaic system can be built there next year in order to feed the electricity produced directly into the new pumping station.

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