April 18, 2024


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Lakeside Book Company invests in Contiweb technology to improve production capacity

Lakeside Book Company invests in Contiweb technology to improve production capacity

March 6, 2024 – Contiweb, a specialized manufacturer of web routing systems and provider of integrated technology solutions in the fields of web offset printing, inkjet printing and packaging production, is pleased to announce the successful installation of its non-stop CDN decoder and Digital Fluid Applicator (DFA) rewetter in the US to announce the US factory. In Harrisonburg, Virginia, by the Lakeside Book Company. The new equipment will be used in a production line alongside the HP T490 PageWide printing system installed in June.

The installation of the CDN Non-Stop Unwinder and DFA Rewetter is a major milestone in Lakeside Book Company's efforts to invest in premium printing solutions for its customers. Lakeside Book Company is the largest book printing, binding and distribution company in North America. Integrating this advanced technological system into the existing system increases operational efficiency and ensures continuous production with consistently high quality results.

“After decades of working with Contiweb and its technology, choosing Lakeside Book was an easy decision,” said Scott Merrick, engineering director of digital journalism at Lakeside Book Company. “We are confident that with this investment we will be able to improve the value of our new HP press and achieve many Benefits to our customers and operations.

Contiweb has long provided Lakeside Book Company with reliable, state-of-the-art solutions designed specifically for high-temperature web offset applications. Contiweb's range of decoilers, plates and dryers have delivered exceptional performance and consistently outstanding print quality.

Merrick continues: “We purchased our first CDN processor from Contiweb in 2017 for our facility in Kendallville, Indiana, USA. This decoiler has proven to be very reliable from the day it was installed until today.

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“We are pleased with the renewed partnership with Lakeside Book Company, which has expanded production capabilities at its U.S. location in Harrisonburg,” says Robert Bosman, Director of Sales at Contiweb. “The installation of the CDN Non-Stop Unwinder and DFA Rewetter is a testament to Lakeside Book Company's commitment to providing high-quality print solutions. We are proud to support the company's operations with our advanced web offset solutions and look forward to expanding our partnership in the coming years.”

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