July 1, 2022


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Kingdom Hearts 4 is coming to Unreal Engine 5 for release

Kingdom Hearts 4 is coming to Unreal Engine 5 for release

will be released Kingdom Hearts 4 The role-playing game is being brought to the Unreal Engine 5.

Quickly upgrade to Unreal Engine 5

This upgrade also slightly improves the game’s graphics. It’s not certain yet the exact release date, hence also the UE5 upgrade.

This happy news comes from a report by Famitsuwhich was released over the weekend that also coincided with the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event in Tokyo.

On Sunday, Square Enix revealed Kingdom Hearts 4 and announced that the ARPG will indeed be upgraded to Unreal Engine 5 at launch.

However, the same video material is still rendered using Unreal Engine 4. The development team is currently testing the title on the new UE.

“The full game will be developed using Unreal Engine 5, and the quality of lighting and details will be several notches higher,” he wrote in the Famitsu post.

And the upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 isn’t the only news Kingdom Hearts has to offer.

Kingdom Hearts 4 outperformed Verum Rex

Thus, the title is said to be being developed by Square Enix Studio in Osaka under the authority of co-director Yasushi Yasuo.

In addition, Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura has reportedly revealed that he is considering a game based on Verum Rex. It’s a real game, not a mini one.

According to Nomura, he was torn between developing Kingdom Hearts 4 and Verum Rex, but decided on the first.

Kingdom Hearts 4 must first inspire its players with great UE5 graphics and a new “epic story” called “Lost Master Arc”.

also Trailers With many elements reminiscent of the power of Star Wars, it invites you to speculate. Crossover would be cool, wouldn’t it?

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