December 7, 2023


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Kingdom Hearts 4 (Rollenspiel) von

Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts 4

It’s been 14 years between the release of Kingdom Hearts II (PS2) and Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) — and the good signs are that the dry spell until the next major part of the popular role-playing franchise is getting dramatically shorter. Because: Yesterday, Sunday, Square Enix just released a 7-minute Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary trailer. We subtly ignore the viewer from the iOS or Android title Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and the new mobile Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link and go to the 4:07 minute promotion.

Because it’s about Kingdom Hearts 4, O-Ton Square Enix is ​​”a triumphant return to the beloved RPG series.” The Japanese have promised about Maestro Tetsuya Nomura’s series “an updated look at the beginning of a new epic story, The Lost Master Arc”. In the trailer, protagonist Sora is about to plunge into a boss fight against a giant monster that takes place in the so-called Quadratum – “a large, sprawling city set in a beautiful and realistic world unlike anything seen before in the Kingdom Hearts series it has given.” Thank you Square Enix – we couldn’t have said it better.

Speaking of beauty: We would have found a release date or at least a time period, even if looking at the Part 3 saga, no one would have taken it at face value anyway. No word on the platforms yet, although Sony console owners may have good prospects. Last but not least, we’ll see goofy duo Donald and Goofy. But see for yourself…

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