June 25, 2022


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Headless CPU allows for 12-chip viewing

Headless CPU allows for 12-chip viewing

from Benjamin Grundkin
The next generation of Epyc Genoa is approaching. This is evidenced not least by a photograph showing the headless wizard with no less than twelve cubs. Assuming eight Zen 4 cores per CCD, this results in 96 cores and 192 threads.

AMD SP5 socket for Epyc next generation Genoa It is known to be hugeNot least due to the number of cores up to 96 and the extended memory interface, which is supposed to handle twelve channels of DDR5 memory. After pictures for Sockets have made rounds frequently And also Zen 4 Single Server CPU Already seen, Genoa shows itself Now without heatsink.

AMD Zen 4 with up to 96 cores and 192 threads

Assuming the twelve CCDs have a full eight CPU cores on the board, the processor shown has 96 computing cores and 192 threads. In theory, compute modules can also be deactivated – the upcoming top-of-the-line Genoa model has 96 cores. By the way, the big silicon element in the middle is the I/O die.

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Each Zen 4 CCD, which is produced using TSMC’s 5nm process instead of 7nm, is said to be 72mm², which is 8mm² less than a similar Zen 3 chip. At 397 mm², the previous data I/O occupies less space, which is still 416 mm² in current Milan processors. With twelve chiplets used and no longer eight, the SP5 (LGA 6096) package is still 37 percent larger than SP3 processors.

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Genoa follows Milan (Epyc 7003) and is scheduled to reach the server class as the Epyc 7004 series at the end of the year – the first copies have already been delivered to customers. With Bergamo, development of Genoa is planned for 2023, which will contain up to 128 cores with CPU cores called “Zen 4c”.

source: Microelectronics TF AMDAnd @phatal187.And Video Cards