May 27, 2024


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Kia EV6 – Cockpit with AR-Technologie

PRESS RELEASE: The new Kia EV6 delivers an inspiring and comprehensive user experience through a suite of highly advanced technologies.

Easily and intuitively accessible communication and information systems, including augmented reality (AR), reduce distractions and thus ensure that the driver is always aware of what is happening on the road.

Kia EV6 with an impressive cockpit experience

The EV6 is based on the new modular electric platform E-GMP (Modular Global Electrical System) and has a flat floor interior and space in the upper region of this class. The spacious cabin allows all passengers to have a comfortable driving experience.

In the cockpit, two 12.3-inch high-resolution displays, combined to form an ergonomically curved unit, provide all the important information: the digital instrument cluster, which can be individually adjusted, displays the speed, remaining range and battery charging status, among others.

Duo Harmonie – this dual arrangement is already known from Mercedes’ MBUX.

Next to it is a screen for the navigation, infotainment system, as well as menu control. This panoramic display ensures an immersive, easy-to-read presentation in all driving conditions. Chemically toughened glass was used as the screen material, ensuring particularly good visibility and a high level of durability.

Comfort level max

The driver enjoys the ultimate in EV6 comfort. A keyless access system with a sensor button, programmable driver profiles, relaxation seats and an ergonomic design contribute to this. Additionally, the new Kia Stromer equipment is designed from automatically extended retractable door handles to touch interfaces that operate intuitively to an AR head-up display to improve human-machine interaction and increase luxury.

With this cockpit solution, the EV6 provides a perfect human-machine interface.

We want our products to offer an innate and natural experience, thus improving the daily lives of our customers“As Jason Jeong, President of Kia Europe says.”Our goal is to shape the physical experience of our brand and create original, innovative and exciting electric cars. Our designers’ ideas and brand goals are more closely linked than ever before. Our customers are the focus and influence every decision we make.

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Augmented Reality in the Kia EV6

Head-up Display (HUD) with augmented reality is a technology previously reserved for premium vehicles. It enables, for example, seamless communication between the Global Positioning System (GPS), the integrated camera and the HUD system to display step-by-step instructions from the navigation system “to the street”. The driver receives all the necessary information via the head-up display for AR and two easy-to-see screens without taking their eyes off the road.

Sound-absorbing materials in the floor, wheel arches, doors, tailgate and tires reduce road and wind noise, and together with the front and side windows made of acoustic glass, they ensure an extremely low noise level corresponding to higher-level vehicles.

NewCarz says:

Currently, electric cars appear to run like mushrooms. But with the Kia EV6, the first impression is really different, because it is unlike anything else, which a first look at the technological possibilities of the electronic car reveals immediately. Here the Koreans demonstrate the potential of the latest technology for the all-new electric car and you cannot avoid admiring it. This raises not only curiosity about the EV6, but also about ten all-electric cars planned by 2026 under Kia’s flag.

Text: NewCarz / Kia – Photo: Kia