May 27, 2024


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KDC / One wants to grow in Asia and focus on sustainable beauty

Wayne Swanton – Head of Aesthetics & Personal Care, KDC / One

Post acquisition, KDC / One has built a niche as an integrated solution provider in many categories. The group now generates 62% of its turnover in the beauty and cosmetology sector. Personal care And 38% en Home care. However, KDC / One still has a heavy focus on North AmericaIt carries out 75% of its business, compared to 18% in Europe and the Middle East and only 7% in Asia.

Enhanced full service capabilities

With recent acquisitions, KDC / One has set out to consolidate its capabilities and expand its geographical footprint. This was particularly achieved through the acquisition of Benchmark, HCT and Paristy.

Benchmark, the formula development platform, enables KDC / One to cement its position in the fast-growing segment of both independent and emerging brands.

The arrival of HCT, the leader in the design and production of premium cosmetic packaging, within the KDC / One group has enabled it to cement its presence with reputable brands in makeup and skincare, while enhancing its ability to respond to customers looking for a full service solution that includes both packaging And the product.

Geographical expansion

After the acquisition of Alkos and Swallowfield, enabling the group to gain a foothold in Europe, KDC / One gained a foothold in Asia through the acquisition of Paristy, whose manufacturing activities are based in Shanghai and R&D in Taiwan.

« Paristy poses The basis for our expansion in the Chinese beauty marketExperiencing strong growth. The company has world-class technology in lip, eye and skin products, which complements and leverages existing resources for Kolmar in the US, as well as Alkos and Inter. Cosmetics in France Says Wayne Swanton, KDC’s chief of aesthetics and personal care.

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In order to focus more on this market and to ensure that it is prepared to meet the growing demand and meet the needs of its clients in the region, the group has just appointed the Asia Director.

Lasting beauty

In line with the major trends of the time being, The KDC / One is currently focusing on its sustainability innovations.

« By working with our brand partners, we are able to offer cutting-edge technology solutions to help reduce our environmental and global footprint. Our talented R&D teams collaborate to enable advances in “waterless” technology and cold manufacturing processes and integrate sustainable ingredients to generate more transparency for consumers. », Solin Wayne Swanton.

the side Packaging, KDC / One mainly relies on HCT skills. At the end of 2020, the company launched under the name CLT (for Curly tube technique Or crimped tube technology), a new line of pipelines designed to bypass the boundaries of conventional pipelines by opening the way to new possibilities and aesthetic functions.

In addition, the HCT team strives to multiply sustainable options for its clients, through the use of recycled plastics and bioplastics as well as refillable packaging solutions.