May 30, 2024


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It’s possible that the Google Pixel 6 comes with UWB

Current media reports assume that UWB (Ultra Wideband) technology, once again highlighted by Apple, will also be installed in the Google Pixel 6 smartphone, which we expect in the fall of 2021. Certainly not entirely new, as Apple and Samsung use it. This kind of short-range wireless communication has been in their smartphones since 2019, but delay is better than not, as the saying goes.

Apple popularized UWB

At the Apple Spring Loaded launch event, the highlight of the evening was Apple AirTags, along with the new iMac and iPad Pro (2021). Small “metal sheets” are about three centimeters in size, which can be attached to a key ring with the help of a marker, for example, and thus can be precisely located using Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. UWB technology is not new, but has been used by Apple and Samsung since the iPhone 11. The South Korean manufacturer was earlier with Galaxy SmartTags. But the technology is also being used to open car doors electronically in cooperation with Audi, BMW and Ford.

It’s possible that the Google Pixel 6 comes with UWB

Now, XDA developer Meshaal Rahman announced, via his Twitter account, that Google may also be working on making this technology available to its smartphones. The codenames “Raven” and “Oriole” are mentioned in detail. The first name refers to the Google Pixel 6 and the second name for the still unknown Google smartphone, which is also expected to be in the fall of 2021.

As mentioned, there are also references to support for UWB devices in Android 12 source code. This determines how far apart the two UWB devices are in order to be able to communicate with each other. The corresponding API is not currently available to other Android developers, so these functions are only available to Google’s system apps.

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The new Google Silicon 101 is coming

It has long been known that Google is collaborating with the company Corfu Working on this type of technology. It is now used for the first time in the Google Pixel 6 series, as is the case with the triple-cluster chip Google Silicon 101 (codenamed Whitechapel) developed with Samsung. It is not yet known if Google will also introduce small smart flags, as we saw recently on Oppo.

[Quelle: Mishaal Rahman | via 9to5Google]

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