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It would be amazing if 'Stable Diffusion' AI image generation was used to make Virtua Fighter's kakukaku high quality polygons into a modern real 3DCG - GIGAZINE

It would be amazing if ‘Stable Diffusion’ AI image generation was used to make Virtua Fighter’s kakukaku high quality polygons into a modern real 3DCG – GIGAZINE

Stable propagation image generation AI is a kind of model called “latent propagation model”, which not only generates images according to the specified instructions, but also converts low-resolution images to high resolution and improves image quality. Compress images while preserving them. Using this stable spread, the first generation known with clear polygon charactersVirtua FighterThe image converted to 3DCG modern and realistic has become a hot topic.

Started, Polygons: 1993’s Virtua Fighter is smoothed out by AI | Ars Technica

Virtua Fighter is a 3D fighting game developed by Sega that debuted as an arcade game in 1993.GraphicribbedIt is the first combat game to use graphic and express characters and stages in 3DCG models. However, in 1993, in order to animate a 3DCG character in real time, the number of character polygons must be small, so the appearance is quite wavy, based on Virtua Fighter nearly 30 years ago. It was a huge advantage of the game. You can see what Virtua Fighter actually looks like by watching the following movie.

Virtua Fighter (Arcade, 1993) Real Arcade Hardware Capture – YouTube

Announced by CG artist Colin Williamson, the image of Sarah, who appears in Virtua Fighter, has been rewritten into a modern, realistic 3DCG with Stable Diffusion. Left is Sarah from the original Virtua Fighter, and right is Sarah who became real through Stable Diffusion. The number of polygons increased at once, the hairline, facial expressions, and textures of the clothes he was wearing became more realistic, and the sunset in the background had a more natural atmosphere.

Dumb AI trick: I fed the VIRTUA FIGHTER (1993) to Stable Diffusion. ???? pic.twitter.com/AJmKcIen8X

– Colin Williamson & 1986 OMEGA TRIBE (ColinWilliamson)

After Jackie determines who the user of Jeet Kune Do is, it looks like this. The bulging muscles and tank top are realistic, and the face looks very old.

Jackie. The algorithm doesn’t really know what to do with spiky hair. pic.twitter.com/J5gGJQH7J4

– Colin Williamson & 1986 OMEGA TRIBE (ColinWilliamson)

By the way, Jackie’s look from the original Virtua Fighter 5 is as follows, a much younger image than the Stable Diffusion version.

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Virtua Fighter5 Official Site – Jackie Bryant

And when Akira, who can be said to be the face of the Virtua Fighter, is corrected with Stable Diffusion, it looks like this. By becoming a very realistic Japanese face, instead of AkiraKenny NakayamaThe impression is similar, and there’s an atmosphere that makes you say “Power!”

Akira. I never realized how super high quality these models were. pic.twitter.com/qXrVmZTmRZ

– Colin Williamson & 1986 OMEGA TRIBE (ColinWilliamson)

Kage (Kagemaru), who uses ninjutsu in the style of Hagakure, could not grasp a metal bowl and a chain wrapped around the forehead of Stable Diffusion, so in the modified version he looks like a masked fighter and not a ninja.

Kage. When I played this game in middle school, I was like, “That’s it. The graphics can never get better than this,” and my dad would say “I’m not sure, that kind of looks bad.” pic.twitter.com/w0LlB8ls0x

– Colin Williamson & 1986 OMEGA TRIBE (ColinWilliamson)

Lao Cheng is a Chinese Kimbo user. Virtua Fighter’s Lau looks rough and sloppy, but for some reason Lau’s modified face has been lowered for Stable Diffusion, giving the impression of an insanely good Chinese restaurateur. The clothes are also very beautiful, and the size does not match, which gives a somewhat cosplay-like atmosphere.

Jeffrey and Pie also look very realistic. Jeffrey is on the top left and he has a slightly strange body orientation, but his face is very realistic. Instead of a martial artist, Bai has the impression that he is ‘someone who takes just like this’.

Jeffrey, we still have to take down the devil shark one of these days pic.twitter.com/0GRUQCAaC5

– Colin Williamson & 1986 OMEGA TRIBE (ColinWilliamson)

Bye. AI is real, and real bad in a situation like these people. pic.twitter.com/xJKffgcVl1

– Colin Williamson & 1986 OMEGA TRIBE (ColinWilliamson)

Canadian professional wrestler Wolfe looks relatively realistic. However, it is assumed that there was no characteristic tattoo on the face.

wolf. Dude has always had a peak assassin widow and the AI ​​has no respect for that. pic.twitter.com/TLhAlrwa31

– Colin Williamson & 1986 OMEGA TRIBE (ColinWilliamson)

The hidden character Doral. Doral’s face, whose entire body possessed a metallic luster, had the same features as a human’s, but the steady spread made him look like a mysterious cyborg. However, you can see that the smoothness and texture of the body has been greatly improved.

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Mr. WilliamsonAUTOMATIC1111 版 Stable Deployed Web User InterfaceImg2imgCorrected with . Of course, Stable Diffusion is not an algorithm that can be corrected as desired in a single shot, so it was necessary to repeat trial and error while making fine adjustments. Apparently the most difficult thing was to reproduce clothes.

Williamson told Ars Technica, an IT news site, “If you find a good mentor, run about 50 patches and choose the most interesting one. We also give orders to artificial intelligence. “

Mr. Williamson also said that the shooter game launched in 1995 “Virtua CupCharacters are also modified using Stable Diffusion.

Time for more stupid AI art with Stable Diffusion with VIRTUA COP (1995). This technique is notoriously bad at drawing hands and guns, so this should be entertaining. ???? pic.twitter.com/IK8kETKGnc

– Colin Williamson & 1986 OMEGA TRIBE (ColinWilliamson)

Officer Michael “Rage” Hardy demonstrates The Smolder, which he uses on the President whenever he chews it up to accidentally kill innocent men out of oil drums. pic.twitter.com/ProJdPtmAU

– Colin Williamson & 1986 OMEGA TRIBE (ColinWilliamson)

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