September 23, 2021


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Israeli soldiers are now equipped with revolutionary technology – La Nouvelle Tribune

It is now possible for soldiers to make themselves almost invisible on the battlefields. According to information reported by the Israeli media “Jerusalem Post”This technology was disclosed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Polaris Solutions. The Hulk is already involved in survival techniques. The technology will consist of several materials. One of them allows thermal optical masking.

To allow better concealment of soldiers, other materials such as metals, microfibers, and polymers were used. This technology makes it nearly impossible for the human eye and thermal imaging equipment to see a soldier wearing the kit. To certify the details provided on the web platform of «Polaris Solutions», Soldiers have the option to wrap them around themselves or stack the layers together.

Invisible Binoculars Soldiers

“He who looks at them from afar with binoculars will not see the soldiers.”, to the press Gal HarariAn official in the Israeli Ministry of Defense. After a test conducted by the IDF, an acquisition project was initiated. Note that the company behind the development of this technology has announced several collaborations with certain countries.

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