March 21, 2023


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This is how China is fighting back in the fight for artificial intelligence

aChina also discussed the news on Monday, the domestic search engine giant Baidu A product that competes with the US ChatGTP software will be launched in March. Not only will the stock prices of Chinese Internet companies rise one after another. The question was also asked on social media about what it meant to counterattack in an artificial intelligence (AI) truth-seeking contest: someone wrote that with a chatbot from California, the scientist could have assumed that the requested information was roughly correct. Weibo user. With the Beijing talking machine, this is less certain.

Since the Silicon Valley Lab Open AI released ChatGTP late last year, the software, which answers its users’ questions with astonishing depth and creativity, is getting more attention in China than in any other country. In the first weeks of January, no other ethnic group searched for a chatbot on Google as much as the Chinese, according to a report by financial news site Finbold — and that’s despite neither Google nor chat It can be accessed officially without technical aids such as VPN.

Difficulties with the truth

The Chinese allowed them Artificial intelligence, which has been fed by its developers with a huge amount of data for years, especially those who like to write emails and poems, show a rating. On the Weibo SMS service, users claimed that ChatGPT provided them with personal fitness plans, and even wrote a 3,000-word essay on Marxist theory that successfully passed the university’s plagiarism test.

It is doubtful that ChatGPT will always answer truthfully, as the Chinese user suspects. True, the machine refused Newsguard’s service to write the article of the former US president Barack Obama He was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, as his successor Donald Trump claims to this day. When Newsguard commissioned the chatbot to comment on the widely documented persecution and torture of the Muslim Uyghur minority — from the perspective of the Chinese government — American ChatGPT had no problem writing that “allegations about detention centers in China are misleading and misplaced.” They are, in fact, “vocational training centers”.

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