March 2, 2024


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Is Project Q targeting cloud gaming after all?

Is Project Q targeting cloud gaming after all?

Sony’s Project Q will be the latest hardware addition to the PS5, but at this point there are still many unanswered questions. However, looking at Sony’s future strategy, cloud application seems to be one of the most likely scenarios with the mobile device.

So far, Project Q’s Remote Play feature has been confirmed, allowing you to access games already on your PS5. However, the prerequisite for this is that you are in a home network. Hence, Sony will introduce an improved tool for this purpose, but this does not fully do justice to the actual capabilities behind it.

Project Q from Sony

Project Q – Bigger plans in cloud gaming?

There are signs that Project Q may target cloud gaming, which Sony would like to invest more in from previous data By PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan this week. There was one “Basic” From cloud gaming, the direction one would like to use for oneself.

“We see mobility in gaming habits becoming an increasingly important trend, and the cloud will be key to enabling us or anyone else to take advantage of this trend,” Ryan said.

Against this background, it seems very easy to think that Project Q would only have such a small and unique range of functionality. Ryan himself He talks about itNot all features have been revealed yet and more details about Project Q won’t be revealed until the coming months.

“Unfortunately, today is not the place for me to reveal these plans, but we do have some very interesting and exciting plans to accelerate our cloud initiatives that will unfold over the coming months.”

If those plans “unveil” as expected, they will at least face strong competition from Xbox’s existing offerings, as its games have long been accessible from anywhere. Thinking a little more, it would be possible to envision a real mobile version of Project Q, which would be fully autonomous using 5G.

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By the way, Project Q’s launch is supposed to be in November, as insiders are whistling from the rooftops these days.

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