March 2, 2024


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It reveals behind-the-scenes material for Bungie’s new shooter

It reveals behind-the-scenes material for Bungie’s new shooter

a few days ago bungee with marathon Next shooter project as part of Playstation show foot. By the way, the brand is not entirely new. Between 1994 and 1996, the studio—then exclusive to Macs—was the same Three parts of the marathon developed. After nearly 27 years, the shooter is back – for current platforms and a different concept. In essence, it remains one marathon archerbut the new branch will PvP extraction items (It can be compared to Escape from Tarkov) getting into focus.

The new video provides more information

Shortly after the announcement, officials got involved, too Behind the scenes video (ViDoc) Where the Bungie team talks about the project. By the way, if you take it exactly, the community is responsible for the appearance of the documentary. In fact, many clues were hidden in the marathon trailer that led to a arg puzzle Heard (alternate reality game). Fans have solved the mystery and thus opened ViDoc to everyone.