April 17, 2024


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Inappropriate or unjustified?  Be active ✅

Inappropriate or unjustified? Be active ✅

Have you received a Google review that you feel is inappropriate or unwarranted? Do you want to delete the review?

So here you are. I specialize in online reputation law and can help you defend yourself against a bad listing on Google. Describe your case to me via email and I will respond with a free initial evaluation.

Below I'd like to show you how to check if a Google review is inappropriate or unwarranted. On this basis, you have an initial overview and can make a better decision.

Unwarranted Google review? You have to know the scenario of this case!

Unjustified Google ranking occurs when a review comes from someone who has no real experience with you.

The classic case here is the non-client review.

The rating is unjustified because no one can seriously rate you unless that person has actually used your goods or services. Mere evaluation without experience is nonsense, and therefore unjustified.

Case law even goes so far as to say that in the case of star ratings without text, online portals must ensure that there is a genuine connection with customers.

However, Internet portals such as Google often cannot determine this with legal certainty and therefore have to delete the review in many cases. Such unwarranted Google input is certainly at risk and need not be accepted.

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