August 9, 2022


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In Unfortunate Situations - Pullbacks, Breakdowns, New Beginnings - SWR2

In Unfortunate Situations – Pullbacks, Breakdowns, New Beginnings – SWR2

With “Ciao,” journalist Johanna Adorján offers a darkly brilliant social satire on the origin of the so-called “old white man” and explains in an interview why she feels sorry for her hero.

Poet and longtime Hanser publisher Michael Krueger sends wonderful poems from Quarantine with “In the Woods. In the Wooden House.”

In “For a Life,” Ulrich Woelk presents a large-scale epic that asks a question about the power and impotence of sexuality.

Elke Schmitter, Spiegel editor and author, delves into the abyss of family history in “Inneres Wetter.”

And in “Sleepless,” the new book by Moroccan Tahar Benjelloun, the long-awaited main character falls asleep by sending others into eternal slumber.

Michael Krueger – In the woods, in the wooden house
Suhrkamp Verlag, 116 pages, €24
ISBN: 978-3-518-43005-7
Ulrich Rüdenauer review

Joanna Edwardian – Ciao
Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 272 pages, €20
ISBN: 978-3462001716
Conversation with the author

Robert Gernhardt – Materials for critique of the most famous forms of Italian poems of origin
Archival audio from Robert Gernhardt

Ulrich Wolk – For Life
CH Beck Verlag, 632 pages, €26
ISBN: 978-3-406-77451-5
Christoph Schroeder review

Elke Schmitter – Indoor weather
CH Beck Verlag, 202 pages, €22
ISBN: 978-3-406-77429-4
Julia Schroeder review

Taher Benjelloun – No sleep
Translated from the French by Christian Caesar
Polar-Verlag, 215 pages, €20
ISBN: 978-3-948392-24-6
Frank Rumble review

Hania Rani – Asja

Label: Gondwana Chronicles

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