May 30, 2024


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IKEA is targeting gaming enthusiasts with a new furniture range

IKEA introduces its new range of toy furniture, Brännboll. Furniture and accessories should adapt to the needs of gaming enthusiasts and their roommates. The entire set consists of 20 different pieces.

IKEA introduces its new range of toy furniture, Brännboll. According to a statement from the Swedish furniture store, the collection includes 20 different pieces designed to meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts and their roommates. “With Brännboll, we embrace the idea that toys are available to everyone and there should be a place for them in every home,” says Philipp Deli, product designer at Swedish IKEA. “It's about making it easier for people to create spaces that adapt to gaming, living, and everything in between.”

With the Brännboll collection, IKEA focuses on style and function. It consists of various furniture and accessories. Furniture pieces should be able to adapt fluently to different gaming platforms, consoles, and gaming enthusiasts' positions. Many pieces are designed to be mobile and have a variety of uses based on their functionality.

The main theme of the Brännboll collection is seating. With a variety of comfortable seating, the collection supports the ability to play your favorite games in different positions, whether you are sitting or lying down, says IKEA. Aside from traditional chairs and gaming chairs, Brännboll also includes an inflatable armchair based on previous IKEA designs.

The set also includes a gaming station that, thanks to the foldable table top and storage options, can easily be transformed into a piece of furniture after playing and transforming the gaming area into a living space.

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The collection also includes a range of storage options, such as a desk – hidden in a cupboard – various trolleys, side tables and a multi-functional basket that the owners can convert into a table.

The Brännboll collection will be available in all IKEA stores from September 2024.

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