May 21, 2024


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Gaming computer – this is what you need to build yourself

Gaming computer – this is what you need to build yourself

the tool

To assemble the gaming PC of your dreams, you need a selection of selected tools. The preparations for this complex task are as important as the construction process itself, and in order to work cleanly, there must be sufficient space available. The most important tool for this exciting project is a PH2 size Phillips screwdriver. In the Install SSD Or other parts in M.2 format, a second version in PH0 size must also be provided. There should also be an 8GB flash drive on which the driver installation program can be saved.

the components

Once you've determined the size of your gaming PC's chassis, you can start selecting components. Nothing important should be forgotten and the budget, compatibility of individual parts and system requirements for the final product should now be clear. Processor selection is the crux of the task; It is no coincidence that it is often referred to as the computer brain. Any subsequent gaming experience will be affected by the choice of this component. For gamers, we recommend a processor with a maximum turbo clock frequency combined with a large number of cores and threads. When it comes to a graphics processor, it also pays to invest in a large, powerful component. Other components that are essential to the build are the mainboard, main memory (RAM), data storage, power supply, system cooling, gaming peripherals and a suitable operating system.

Cost effectiveness

Saving money on a powerful gaming PC is not that easy. DIY computers are still cheaper than common complete packages. However, high-quality ingredients often cost a lot of money, even when purchased individually. Often there is not much money left for PC games because high-quality games are becoming more expensive. A great way to save money on games is to play games Free computer games. Contrary to expectations, many free games impress with their high quality and are increasingly popular among players. Even if big games like Fortnite or GTA5 are still played more often, free-to-play games are a welcome change, especially between them, at no extra cost.

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Ready to go!

Once all the individual parts are in place, work can begin with a screwdriver. First you have to install the CPU connected to the mainboard of your gaming PC. This is followed immediately by connecting M.2 SSDs, if available. The CPU cooler should always be installed using a manual so as not to damage individual components. Once this step is completed, it moves to main memory. Before the connected parts find a place in their housing, they must first check the functionality of the movement. If all goes well during the test run, the power supply can be installed and the main board installed. GPU, that is Graphics processor unitThe data is then stored before the computer is ready to install the operating system. The adventure is over and the computer starts up.

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Construction never ends

What seems simple requires a lot of sensitivity and good research. If you take some time and make sure your work area is clean, you can enjoy your craft later. Best of all, your computer repair doesn't have to end here, as there are many ways to continually develop your own product. This can be done, for example, by regularly updating the graphics processing unit (GPU) with the latest driver. It can also increase CPU operating speed or optimize system settings. There are hardly any limits to conversion and additional building to achieve maximum gaming performance.