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I want you to say that this is the best “Diablo” developer interview – “Diablo IV” |  player

I want you to say that this is the best “Diablo” developer interview – “Diablo IV” | player

The Diablo series is incredibly popular as a hacking and slasher monument. From March 18th to March 21st JST, early access to the open beta will be implemented for pre-order applicants. In addition, the production of the open beta, which anyone can participate in, is scheduled to take place on March 25, JST. If you are interested in this business, why not read this interview and enter the open beta?

The people interviewed this time around are Rod Ferguson, general manager of the “Diablo” franchise, and Joe Shelley, lead director.

Rod Ferguson (left) and Joe Shelley (right)

――With Diablo IV releasing just a few months away, please tell us how you both feel about Diablo IV.

Mr. Joe:I am completely confident. The development team put a lot of effort into this open beta, and what we’ve been able to achieve is quite an achievement. Not only is the Open Beta achieved, but we’re also looking at the fact that we can thoroughly test it here, so we’d like to check player feedback and impressions and make detailed adjustments.

Mr. Rod:What I find very interesting is how Team Diablo makes the games. Very early on, it was possible to play through the intro and outro. Of course, in terms of content, there was no texture, and the characters were stick figures, but from the very beginning it was ready to play all the time. It’s a method of making that you don’t see often in other game studios. The word they use is “test the soup”…meaning to taste the soup, and I do how to make it by addition.

In addition, although this was unavoidable, due to the impact of the coronavirus, every employee had to take their builds home to be tested, so I think this process has been further optimized. The result was a game called Diablo IV.

――What are the points you want people to pay special attention to in the open beta?

Mr. Joe:This open beta test is intended for testing purposes, not for marketing purposes. We like to see how everyone reacts, how stable the server is, and make tweaks like how quickly we level up in the early stages of the game, so we like to get feedback after actually playing the game.

Mr. Rod:We want you to feel how much love and passion the developers put into Diablo IV. In terms of quality, I think we can do the best, and I want existing “Diablo” fans to say, “This is the best “Diablo”. Also, for new users, I want you to enjoy “Diablo” from the bottom of your heart.

One of Diablo’s features is its huge skill tree, but it can be overwhelming for beginners. Is there a mechanism for recommending builds and skills to users who can access Diablo from this game?

Mr. Joe:Expect the process of learning a new skill to be slower than in the past. Strictly speaking, it depends on the level range, but you will learn one skill each time you level up. There is nothing that confuses a beginner like opening multiple options at once in a single level. Things like sub-skills called nodes also slowly release in the same way, so you can follow along as you check them out. Skills can also be re-acquired in order to get new items or change your mind to use a different skill. The lower the level, the lower the cost of replaying the skill, so it’s easy to start over.

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This can be said for all seasons, but I designed it while imagining what it would look like after growing up for each playstyle. For example, in terms of Barbarian architectures, Whirlwind and Liquify immediately come to mind. The skills and nodes of each chain can be examined in the skill tree, and you can check which skills are compatible with each other. If you realize that, I don’t think you’ll end up with an inconsistent build.

Mr. Rod:The skill tree system has actually been reworked several times since its inception. I want the depth of the skill tree, but if it becomes difficult to understand as a result, it would be to put the cart before the horse. The existing skill tree allows you to intuitively understand what needs to be done, so we believe that even new users will be able to understand it smoothly.

――I believe you can create multiple generic playstyles by combining Skills and Contracts. How many such building trends?

Mr. Joe:As it is, consider 4-5 basic category designs. This includes the barbarian whirlwind I mentioned earlier. However, not all barbarians who use Whirlwind have the same build. Depending on the node or item, you should get a different color for each player. There are 5 categories, and given the individual customization, I think there will be a lot of types. There are more than 100 types of legendary items, and there will be new designs that players will discover by making use of them.

――On the other hand, is there anything to keep in mind for true “Diablo” fans?

Mr. Joe:First of all, the growth method is similar to that of “Diablo 2”. As those of you who have played “Diablo II” may know, you don’t need to be at the maximum level to clear the game. In this business, the end of the game is almost at level 40. After clearing the story, the real thing is the same as before.

Furthermore, Paragon level adjustments and level cap… Currently, the upper limit is 100, but it is possible to raise the global level even after reaching that level. It’s designed so that you have to defeat a boss to get a single world level, and I think there’s a lot of content that even basic players can enjoy.

Mr. Rod:We also believe that the real thing is after the story is cleared, and users also believe it. So, I guess I prepared something to my liking from there. This work will be released with the final content tightly packed at the time of release. There’s a lot more to it than Paragon Level and World Tier, so I think core players will enjoy it too.

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Mr. Joe:Since this work is made as an open world, we want you to adventure around the world. There is a system called Tree of Whisper that allows you to access quests, etc. From here you can receive missions and receive gameplay tips, so I would like you to point this out and act.

There is also an end content called Heltide. Even in the area of ​​this test, there will be times when the area changes slightly depending on the extent of the helmet. Enemies are stronger during Helltide, but unusual rare items may appear. In addition, you can choose which part of the item you want before taking the challenge

The third element is the dungeon. There are 150 dungeons set throughout the game, and it is possible to challenge them by upgrading them to Nightmare dungeons using items such as crests. In the Nightmare Dungeon, the enemies will naturally get stronger, but the quality of the items you get will also improve. You can also enjoy challenging dungeons as one of the final contents.

There are also traditional PvP elements. There are areas in the game where PvP is possible, and there is a risk of being attacked by others when you enter, so be careful when entering. Of course, there are not only players on the field, but there are also monsters. Defeating players in the PvP area will increase your reputation, but if you defeat a player with a high reputation, you will receive a lot of Chaos Fragments as rewards.They can be exchanged. By the way, familiar to players of “Diablo II”, “ears of defeated opponents” can also be collected as items.

In addition, we are considering a direct service type of this work, and plan to continue adding final content even after the game is released.

――In “Diablo III”, the final content focused on collecting typical levels and specific items, and there were no challenging objectives like “Diablo II” hardcore mode. Do you have any targeted content for gamers who want to play the game to the fullest?

Mr. Joe:One of the comments we got from Diablo III players was that they didn’t have an environment in which they could pilot their characters as they got stronger, so we were aware of that issue. In this business, we believe that the boss you fight when raising the global level will be the best. Collect equipment, defeat the boss of that world class and go to the next level. Repeating this to go up to the higher level is the solution to the fun of the experience.

In addition, the Nightmare Dungeon is likely to be higher than the maximum level a player can reach. So, in order to clear this, you must hone your skills and collect as many good items as you can. I still can’t say if it’s still clear enough, but… However, as a final way to play, I intend to make different items.

Mr. Rod:It is a direct service game, so it is possible that items will be added or changed with each new season. The final content right after launch and the final content after several seasons can be completely different, so I don’t think players will get bored.

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――Jooe was also involved in the development of the MMORPG game “World of Warcraft”, but how is this knowledge put to use in “Diablo IV” where you share the world with other players?

Mr. Joe:I had a great time developing World of Warcraft and learned a lot. In terms of making games, I thought the more I progressed, the more problem-solving skills I gained. In the sense of knowledge, this kind of problem-solving ability may be.

There may be scenes where this action feels like an MMO, but the norm is A-RPG. As “Diablo” Joe, he is made with an emphasis on adventures alone. Although the relationship with other players is present as an element, only one player is aware of this.

――In the case of a long-running title such as the “Diablo” series, I believe the starting point and ideal image for “Diablo” may have varied during development. How do you regulate your policy when there are generational differences in how Diablo is presented?

Mr. Joe:I think the same can be said for all games, not just the “Diablo” series, but basically every designer has a different opinion, and it’s absolutely impossible to get 100% agreement on something. not like that. Opinions often conflict. Diablo has a 25-year history, so each of us has our own ideal and favorite vision. However, I think the fact that we are a team with completely different age groups has paid off well. This is because we can accommodate opinions about “Diablo” from different age groups within the team. Opinions put forth by a team with a passion for “Diablo” can be a source of disagreement, but I definitely think “Diablo 4” would be a good idea, so I’m actively trying to incorporate it.

Mr. Rod:From the beginning of development, we shared our vision and worked hard to bring the “Diablo IV” genre to the team. Within the team, we often use the phrase “back to the dark”. Based on this image, we’ve compiled reactions from different generations of “Diablo” fans. By making it a more open world, we added gameplay that gives the player a choice and created “Diablo IV”.

In keeping with the “Back to Darkness” theme, we appreciate a dark fantasy tone, so we decided to release the Japanese version on CERO:Z. It was quite a task to deliver it to Japanese fans in as close a condition to the original release as possible, so I’m glad to be able to do so. so.

――Finally, please give a message to Japanese players.

Mr. Rod:I’m excited to bring the Japanese players back to the sanctuary and see how they react. As I mentioned earlier, I’m thrilled to be releasing the dark fantasy “Diablo IV” on CERO:Z.

Mr. Joe:We’ve put a variety of demons into the game, so I’d appreciate it if everyone in Japan could help us defeat them (laughs).

Diablo IV
Diablo IV