June 14, 2024


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How to uninstall ChatGPT Plus.  What to do if you can't do it |.

How to uninstall ChatGPT Plus. What to do if you can't do it |.

I have used ChatGPT a lot and used it for different purposes such as work and hobbies, but I decided to scrap ChatGPT Plus, so I decided to sum it up.

How to uninstall ChatGPT Plus

First, go to the ChatGPT page and log in.

Access ChatGPT

Then at the bottom left of the screenaccountClick.

When the menu appearsMy planClick.

Select my plan for ChatGPT

A screen for the plan will be displayedsocialistClick Manage.

Click Manage my ChatGPT subscription

The Plan and Payment screen will be displayed.Cancel planClick. By the way, you can check the date of the next update here.

Click Cancel ChatGPT plan

The screen will move again, soCancel planYou can cancel by clicking .

Uninstall ChatGPT completely

Once cancellation is complete, you will be redirected to the survey screen, which you can skip by swiping and clicking on the icon.

Survey after canceling ChatGPT

What happens if I cancel?

Plus can be used until the expiration date

Even if you cancel, you won't immediately lose access to ChatGPT Plus benefits, and you can continue using the service until the end of your billing period, so it's a good idea to cancel early so you don't forget.

Mutual chats will remain

Even if you cancel your subscription, your chat messages will remain private, and you can continue to use basic functions unless you cancel your subscription.

GPT-4 chat changes to GPT-3.5

If you cancel chat that you previously used with GPT-4, you will switch to GPT-3.5 and you will no longer be able to chat with GPT-4.

GPT results will no longer be available

GPTs are a service that can be customized for specific purposes, but will no longer be available.

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Loss of priority access

If you pay for ChatGPT Plus, you can get priority access even when the server is busy, but this will no longer be possible.

Inability to respond quickly

If you pay, you can get a quick refund, but you won't be able to do that anymore.

Unable to hold long conversations

Longer dialogues and more complex questions are answered with less accuracy. If you're looking for deeper analysis or detailed answers, Plus may be a better option.

What to do if you can't uninstall ChatGPT Plus

Cancellation can be done online

Basically, ChatGPT Plus cannot be uninstalled from the ChatGPT application; Rather, it must be accessed from the web using a browser.

When you enter your account in the side menu of the application and access the “Subscription” menu, the following message appears and you cannot cancel your subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

ChatGPT Plus cannot be uninstalled from the application.

Can't log in

ChatGPT specifications may change during development, and it may sometimes become impossible to access properly using a browser.

In most cases, it is likely a cookie, so please delete your recent access history and cookies of your browser and try accessing again.