May 27, 2024


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Has the blockchain reached the Baltic states?

Estonia is providing the military with digital technology

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Almost every day we receive messages from all over the world related to blockchain technology. Meanwhile, this also reached Germany and began to become a permanent fixture. Unfortunately, the process in Germany takes a lot of time. This is partly due to the bureaucratic conditions and legal structures of the country.

In the Baltic states one is much further. Blockchain business is booming here. Countless companies have recognized the benefits of the new technology and are already integrating it into their daily business. A lot happens, especially in Estonia. The blockchain is much more than just Bitcoin portability from A to B.

The system has arrived and the population is very open to it. If you want to start in Germany and learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you should get yourself started Bitcoin Code Trials Read by.

Estonia is a pioneer in digitization

Germany is far from digital. Much is being invested in digitization. But Germany lacks the necessary structures. Progress is slow, especially in the federal realm. Citizens still have to deal with a lot of paperwork, for example when they are announcing a change of residence or marriage or they want to make other known changes. And even in the federal government itself and in the entire public service, many things still work without a computer. The archives are full of documents waiting to be digitized.

In Estonia they are much further afield. The scenic country knows how to score in the field of digital identity. In Estonia, every citizen is represented on the network. This means: all residents can spare themselves visiting government offices. All notifications are broadcasted to the offices via the Internet. They have very little paperwork and invest their time in the essentials. However, it is not just a matter of providing a citizenship service adapted to the times. Residents of the country with the most beautiful landscapes in the Baltic states also score in the field of digital medical records.

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Tax returns can also be made over the network. Meanwhile, this trend is also spreading to Germany. However, the system is not the same at the national level. There have been differences for a long time. The Elster Gate is ideal for some assignments in Germany. Other tax returns should only be submitted by mail, depending on the tax office. In Estonia it is the same everywhere: the tax return is conveniently submitted online.

Really safe transportation in Estonia?

Estonia has taken a completely new course. What appears to be a pioneer on the one hand, brings problems on the other hand. Digitization is completely new. Therefore, the offices are not aware of it yet. It suddenly became apparent that Estonia faced great challenges from the start. After all, data can be transferred from strangers over the Internet. This could be an advantage for criminals. However, for offices, it is unfavorable and has consequences.

This is why Estonia does not want to trust old structures and is building blockchain technology into the system. This technology is completely safe from counterfeiting. This way, users cannot log in with a fake identity, for example, in order to obtain desirable and useful documents. Aside from this feature, Estonia knows how to save a lot of money with blockchain technology.

The blockchain is fully automated. Once installed, it is basically needed No more employees. The drafting of contracts and the smart contracts associated with them in particular make it possible to dispense with authentication or data verification.

Estonia is aware of other potential of the blockchain

Blockchain technology is so popular in Estonia that it is either used for other purposes or its application in certain areas has already been planned. The goal is to simplify certain operations. Not only is the country benefiting, but individuals and even businesses are also benefiting from the blockchain. Telemedicine enables patient data to be easily sent and encrypted at the same time. It is also important to treat patient data confidentially and keep all sensitive information securely.

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Unauthorized access must be permanently blocked. There are also extensive controls in the field of drug development and dispatch to pharmacies and clinics. The blockchain ensures that defective products can be identified more quickly and that products can be removed from the market before they reach the end customer.

Estonia is providing the military with digital technology

The army is very important to Estonia. That is why the country invests a lot in developing structures in this area. There should be impeccable and uninterrupted supply chains. If the military needs new weapons, then criminal service providers and other people should not have the opportunity to intervene.

Without completely secure technology like blockchain, unpleasant accidents can happen. It is impossible to imagine what would happen if the weapons were lost on the way. Without digitization, it is virtually impossible to continue on your way. Thanks to the blockchain, that would be different.

Estonia launched a digital vaccination record

Vaccination record is a big problem. Anyone who owns one in Germany should take good care of it. If you get lost, all vaccination appointments are over. If you forget this when going to the clinic, new vaccinations will not be introduced. This is also a problem if, for example, you would like to have an initial vaccine or a booster shot. Estonia has also made its way to the summit in this regard and is now offering a digital vaccination record.

A corona pandemic requires rethinking. Anyone who wishes to choose to be vaccinated can take advantage of the digital vaccination card. However, due to current regulations and restrictions, it is advisable to wait for new provisions to appear first. If you are not sure, you should wait to get vaccinated and not act recklessly. Vaccination makes sense if you have homeland security. Then the vaccinated people can cross the border faster and go on vacation without hesitation.

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By the way: Border officials do not have access to the vaccination passport holder’s data. You can only find out who was vaccinated and which vaccinations were given. The medical history involved was not disclosed. Whether and when it will take up Digital passport in Germany The future has arrived will tell. However, Estonia is on a new path.