October 24, 2021


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guide | Unleash Hot Wheels – 5 Game Start Tips

While our Hot Wheels Unleashed review recently appeared on our site, find out 5 tips to get started with this Milestone racing game.

Find our ultimate hot wheels test in this is the address.

Find our tips for getting off to a good start in our guide, Here

Start with Hot Wheels City Rumble.

When the title is first launched, your wallet will have no gears (a virtual currency that allows you to improve your vehicles) or coins (another virtual currency that allows you to buy surprise boxes, circuits or cars for sale). Thus, when you go in the fast modes especially “Quick Races” or “Against the Clock”, not all tracks will be unlocked. In fact, there are two ways to access the new tracks in other game modes (except online): buy them individually for 300 coins or unlock them via Hot Wheels City Rumble mode, which we highly recommend.

In addition, this career mode despite its repetition will allow you to quickly unlock surprise boxes. This will allow you to get vehicles randomly and quickly switch to a ‘rare’ or ‘legendary’ vehicle. When you know that buying a surprise chest costs 500 coins and the game is scarce in resources, it is worth saving your money as much as possible.

Don’t waste time achieving the end goal of the first exams

Divided into four categories: General, Rare, Legendary, and one yet to be determined, only the first vehicles in the game are of the “General” category. Thus, the various stats (speed, braking, acceleration, boost, etc.) are at their lowest and it would be difficult to beat the AI ​​or the times required. So we strongly advise you to aim only to play secondary objectives, to unlock a vehicle of at least “rare” class either by luck with surprise boxes or directly via play store and then follow your steps and complete the main objectives.

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Good start to a good race

In Hot Wheels Unleashed, the start plays an important role since combined with the use of a boost, it will allow you to be in the first positions of the first hectometers. There are two different types and our guide is available on this is the address.

Drift, solve to avoid walls and fill boost gauge

Unleashing, drifting or sliding is difficult to master in the game. However, with training and a quickly upgraded vehicle you should be able to master it despite the very small width of the tracks, you’ll still hit walls unless you know the track by heart. To do this, accelerate with R2 (RT on Xbox) and then when you get into the turn, press L2 (LT on Xbox) to adjust braking and point the stick left or right depending on the curve, it will suffice to re-accelerate.

Once you slide, your boost gauge will fill up, hence the need to slide as far as possible and then speed up again. As a guide, the boost gauge gradually increases while you’re riding but increases faster when you’re in specific areas.

Sell ​​duplicate cars to recover resources

The main problem with Hot Wheels Unleashed is how hard it is to get all the cars in the game. Since the latter can only be unlocked via surprise chests or for a few coins in the shop (which is updated daily as in Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled), the chance thus plays a huge role in completing their entire collection. Plus, you can get cars already via surprise boxes, so they’re good for scrap…or for resale depending on your taste. So you can recover a proportionate number of resources (parts or gears) directly, depending on the vehicle class, by holding down R2 or L2 in assembly mode.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed will be available Thursday, September 30, 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.