October 24, 2021


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Abu Dhabi hosts the “Sixth Round” series games in real life

Players will compete for a custom green tracksuit, not for millions like the Netflix series

If you are among the millions of people who have watched the Netflix original series Round 6, we have good news – a real-life version of the show (without bloodshed of course) is set to take place this week in Abu Dhabi. according to from the insideThe UAE-Korea Cultural Center has already organized the event, which is taking place on Tuesday, October 12th.

This version of Round 6 will feature two teams of 15 people each facing each other in four different matches that initially appeared when the series premiered on September 17. “Potato 1,2,3” is one of the most anticipated events, although players can also try their luck in games called “Dalgona Candy”, “Marbles” and “Ddakji”.


If you haven’t watched the Korean show yet, the premise is simple – a group of 456 desperate individuals, all in desperate need of money with no other way out, agree to take part in a series of deadly challenges, similar to popular children’s games, all hoping to Get the grand prize of $38 million.

Unfortunately for our players in Abu Dhabi, they won’t get huge salaries if they win. However, they’ll get a custom green sports jacket, and bragging rights, which are still pretty cool.

Since the sixth round debuted nearly a month ago, it has caused quite a bit of a stir. This series is currently number one on the daily list of the top 10 Netflix worldwide, and we recently reported that the success of the series here in Brazil is also very big. The clothes of the “Sixth Round” characters are already sold out on camels in Rio de Janeiro, and it should be the fever of the upcoming carnival.

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