October 24, 2021


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“No desire to mistreat Belgians” (video)

This Friday, the day after France won the Nations League semi-final against the Red Devils after losing 2-0, L’Equipe sparked controversy with its front page: “Le seum, twice”.

If the headline was heavily criticized in Belgium, particularly because the French daily preferred the opponent’s headline rather than its victory, the team’s editor-in-chief Frédéric Waringes calmed matters on Sunday in the TV news. by RTL-TVI.

“It was a little wink, a touch of humor, and a little provocation,” he explained. “There is no problem in praising Belgium’s athletic qualities in football as elsewhere. We are obviously French and a bit chauvinist, that’s normal. The writing was a bit mixed. Some appreciated the wink and smiled at her. Others found it tough and that we could have We call it a beautiful win for the Blues and the match which is undoubtedly the best for France since the World Cup. However, we should not see in this any desire to mistreat the Belgians and Belgium. Sometimes the titles go a little beyond the intentions we put in them.”

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