May 25, 2024


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GREAT DEAL: Prime Day's most popular fryer

GREAT DEAL: Prime Day’s most popular fryer

Still looking for the best frying pan? How about Tefal’s Jamie Oliver frying pan, which is an all-time bestseller on Amazon Prime Day every year?

Amazon Prime Day 2021 starts on June 21 and again this year various tempting offers are expected. Of course, Tefal’s Jamie Oliver frying pan is also included. This bestseller is not only in high demand on Prime Day, but actually every season of the year. According to one review, you can even fry insects with it – a perfectly compelling argument.

Cooking fun at Prime Day

There is no popular frying pan like this Jamie Oliver Pan. On the one hand, this may be due to the name, after all, Jamie Oliver is one of the most famous chefs on TV. With his recipe ideas, you can conjure up great dishes with just a few ingredients and little effort. All this is made easier with the frying pan, which is suitable not only for every stove, but also for the oven. The pan also indicates when the ideal temperature has been reached. A dream for every hobbyist chef.

But it’s not just Jamie Oliver’s skillet that’s a gold dig among frying pans. The temperature display on the Tefal fryer can also include Schult-Over frying pan for charisma Keep up, as well as its potential uses, because it can be used for every common stove.

It is oven-proof and suitable for every stove, too WMF Profi Resist frying pan. The induction fryer is scratch and heat resistant and thanks to its honeycomb structure it enables non-stick frying. Definitely also from bugs like Jamie Oliver’s frying pan.

Recipe tip for a new frying pan

We also have a simple recipe tip so you can test out your new skillet right away. Have you ever tried the tortilla wrap trend on TikTok? To do this, just take a slice of a wheat tortilla, find the center point and cut along the radius from there. Now imagine quartering the tortilla into quarters and covering the four quarters with your desired ingredients, such as bananas, strawberries, and Nutella – if you like them sweet. After the top, start folding the quarters on top of each other so that a triangle is created. Now your tortilla rolls can be fried golden brown in the pan and within a few minutes you will have a delicious fried snack.

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