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Google claims Google Drive data loss issue has been ‘fixed’, shuts down forum thread claiming it hasn’t been fixed – GIGAZINE

Google claims Google Drive data loss issue has been ‘fixed’, shuts down forum thread claiming it hasn’t been fixed – GIGAZINE

by com.blunkswife

In November 2023, nearly half a year’s worth of data from the desktop version of Google Drive will suddenly disappear.flawGoogle introduced a refund on December 7th due to the issue that occurred.generalan act. The official Google forums have been filled with posts from users complaining that the issue has not yet been resolved, but it has been reported that the topic has been locked by Google.

Google describes Drive data loss as “persistent”, closes forum threads saying otherwise | Ars Technica

Google describes the mysterious file disappearance that occurred in versions to of the Google Drive desktop app as a “sync issue” and made it public after investigating it.Help documentation“If you have trouble accessing local files that aren’t synced to Drive, follow the steps in one of the solutions below to restore your files,” she says.

However, IT news site Ars Technica said: “If it’s just a sync issue, it means the files aren’t syncing properly to and from the cloud, so this doesn’t explain why some people are losing their files entirely.” No,” he pointed out.

According to Ars Technica, this issue was reportedforumThere are many people who complain that data in spreadsheets and documents is disappearing. The impact of the desktop application is unknown, as all the lost files were created and saved through the web interface, i.e. the browser, rather than the desktop application. Many users say that “May 2023” is the time when their files are no longer saved, and some have not used the application Desktop at all.I was there.

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Google didn’t provide any details about the issue or how to fix it, but Ars Technica points out that this is the default sync method.File streaming modeI think this is the reason.

This mode allows you to save storage usage as your data is stored in the cloud and only a web link to the file is provided. According to Ars Technica, this issue is believed to be caused by a sync issue and the file was deleted from the computer before it was uploaded. However, there is no explanation for the complaint that web documents cannot be found, so there may be other issues.

Google closed the forum to prevent replies and also closed another thread as a “duplicate” before revealing a solution to the problem. “Dedicating space to diagnosing problems and telling people how to fix them doesn’t mean Google is more interested in keeping its reputation intact than it is in helping users,” says Ars Technica. It also makes it impossible to respond to solution posts, and since Google has gone the easier way to get user feedback and support, it’s difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the fix. It is also difficult to implement.”

Most of the few replies to the thread before it was locked indicated that Google’s fix was not working. One user described this fix as “complete.”Save Failed (BS)“The solution did not work for most people.”He saidAnother user said: “Google Drive files have been deleted and cannot be recovered. This ‘fix’ is not a fix at all.”commentAdditionally, I will no longer be using Google Drive as I will be moving to Dropbox.a permitSome people did.

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