June 8, 2023


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Google Chrome OS Flex launched

Google Chrome OS Flex launched

Google has released a new version of Chrome OS. For example, the benefits of CloudReady are integrated into Chrome OS Flex. It is now available for free. […]

Chrome OS Flex is free and already available for download as Early Access (c) Screenshot / PCtipp

In 2020 it was google browser technology company Neverware accepted. The developers were there Cloud Readywhich is the Chromium operating system that was created The operating system Educational institutions and businesses have been given the opportunity to update PCs and Macs, according to the statement.

Looks like the developers have been busy in other ways too, because google browser Now showing Chrome OS Flex. For this purpose, the advantages of CloudReady are present in a new version of Chrome OS have been merged.

According to a blog, Chrome OS Flex is fast, easy to manage, and secure for cloud-focused PCs and Macs. It is fully compatible with cloud-based management tools google browser. It also provides users, educational institutions and businesses with a modern work experience, integrated protection against threats such as viruses, ransomware and phishing, ease of deployment and management, and a sustainable solution designed to extend the life of existing PCs and Macs.

System updates are supposed to be noisy Blog entry It happens in the background, which leads to shorter waiting times. Chrome OS Flex has the same base code and version iteration as Chrome OS. the new The operating system Also presents the official ChromBrowser, Google Assistant, and cross-device capabilities in the same Chrome OS interface.

Chrome OS Flex Free and now available as an early version. If you want to try it first, you can The operating system Boot from a USB drive. A stable release should be available in the coming months.

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What’s new in Smart Canvas (Google Workspace)

She also has google browser Introduce new innovations to Smart Canvas. This is a specific function in Work Tools Google workspace. Smart Canvas is designed to help employees work smarter and more efficiently. More information can be found in this Blog entry These are the main updates:

  • Automatic summaries and pageless formatting in Google Docs
  • Formula corrections in spreadsheets
  • New smart chips can be integrated with Google Maps.
  • Expanded “@” menu with new functionality for inserting images, tables, templates, and more
  • Google Drive search chips (Read more here)