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Genesio discusses the keys to the game, the game and defends Paris

This Sunday, as part of the 36th day of Ligue 1 2020-2021, Paris Saint-Germain (second) will face Stade Rennes (seventh) in Roisson Park. Bruno Genesio, Rennes’ team coach, spoke at a press conference about this meeting (starting at 9 pm, broadcast on Channel +). Male player

Genesio “It’s part of the job. The team has to show character and make up for absences.”

How to do without nzonzi and kamavinga (suspended)?

There are two ways to look at it. We regret our fate, and tell ourselves that two important and international CEOs are missing, including the world champion. The second method, we introduce the ethos of the group and it is also a way to show a reserve. For players who spent less time playing, they could also potentially show themselves against a great team playing for the title.

This is where we see the teams and players of characters. This is part of the risks to be managed in a season, but I have complete confidence in those who start and who will return during the match to achieve a positive result at the end of this match.

Of course, we have to work differently, and find solutions. It is part of the job. The team must show character and make up for absences.

Decisive environment against Paris Saint-Germain?

Yes, but danger comes from everywhere. Even if many things happen in the hub, in the middle. Of course, this is a strategic position. We’ll put something to play against this team.

Genesio “It’s also a little devalued, because we imagine it’s easy to go to the final and win the Champions League.”

Would beating PSG be a feat?

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No, I will not say an achievement. They are a great team with great players. They reached the Champions League semi-finals again. It also underestimates a little bit, because we imagine it’s easy to reach the final and win the Champions League. When we see that City will play its first Final for a very long time, so we see the difficulty of reaching the Champions League Final.

This indicates that even if Paris Saint-Germain were eliminated in the semi-finals, they would still be one of the very great European teams with players of extraordinary talent. I think in the game we can worry them and defeat them. Obviously, we should be at 110.130% of our potential. But it is in these moments that we see if we are able to transcend ourselves and raise our level. Because we will have to raise our level in all areas. And we have a real match in the Champions League.

Can Paris take revenge?

Neither. They are great players and know how to question themselves instantly, whether after elimination or if they qualify. They have a habit of playing every third day and questioning themselves every third day. They are great players, they will be there, and it is up to us to also be up to the action.

Genesio, I don’t think it’s a poor performance.

Is it a great thing to lose in the least developed countries?

Yes, but Paris Saint-Germain still has two very important goals: the title and the France Coupe. Honestly, there’s nothing to be ashamed of them doing their season. The UEFA Champions League is the toughest competition ever. So, getting out of the semi-finals by City is of course a big disappointment, but I don’t think it’s a bad performance that way, because there is a great team up front too.

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Motivate a coach to prepare for a match against Paris?

Yes, we attend all matches seriously, but it is true that there is always a special atmosphere when we play against Paris Saint-Germain because they are the strongest team in the tournament and they have the greatest players. There is also clearly a light around this match that differs from the others. Preparing for these matches is always stimulating and exciting, but we promise them just as seriously as all other matches.

Genesio “We also have to be able to play our game when given the opportunity and give them problems.”

What are the tactics against Paris Saint-Germain? Should we leave the ball and put the bus on and against?

Riding on the bus is not my philosophy or the team philosophy. And I don’t think this is how we have the best chance of beating Paris. Obviously, you have to be very strict and stand up well because there is a great chance you will have them. But we also have to be able to play our game when given the opportunity and give them problems.

A team that tends to separate, can we play on it?

I don’t think about it while preparing for the match. I think about methods and tactics, not separating them. This is not the way I see football.

If we count on the first leg, I lose 3-0?

I saw it again, but I don’t like counting on what went wrong. I don’t want to put a negative. We tried to prepare ourselves tactically to see what to do when we didn’t have it and when we got the ball. Because there will be things to do.