April 2, 2023


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From ore mining to processing, designing and selling. “Blacksmith Master” simulation game to run a medieval blacksmith shop to be released in 2023

Today (March 2, 2023) Hooded Horse announced a new title “Blacksmith Master” developed by indie developer Untitled Studio,Trailer adpublished. Release date around 2023,Supports all 15 languages ​​including JapaneseI plan to.

「Blacksmith Master」are medievalSmithIt’s a management simulation game In addition to crafting weapons, you can use technology in various ways, such as crafting tools for farming and cutting jagged stones to turn them into jewelry.

Additionally, it features detailed depictions of the process through to sales, such as hiring miners to mine raw materials and blacksmiths to design new products.

Medieval management game
Announcement Mr. Haddad
Mining, blacksmithing and trade. Build everything from tools to weapons to jewelry while running an old fashioned shop and becoming the ultimate blacksmith!

March 2, 2023 – Hooded Horse, a publisher of the strategy, simulation and role-playing game genres, has announced Blacksmith Master, the 20th game in its growing portfolio. Brought to you by Untitled Studio, the creators of Tavern Master, this is a game where you aim to be the best blacksmith in town. Mine ore to craft items, hire talented blacksmiths to craft popular items, and run a medieval shop.
Blacksmith Master – Trailer Ad
Medieval sim management


A disused workshop at the end of a winding alley in a small medieval town – just a small blacksmith for the time being, but the possibilities are endless. Blacksmith Master allows players to control the entire crafting process from start to finish.

・ Send miners to extract raw materials such as ores and gems
– Smelting ore into ingots or cutting rough stones into gems
Design products ranging from general tools to weapons, jewelry and glass
– Hire an experienced blacksmith to bring your creations to life and sell them for profit
・ Aim to become the ultimate blacksmith by doing these things every day.

In this management game, not only profit vision and product management skills, but also work environment preparation are important. The larger your blacksmithing business, the more workshops and people you can hire.

Your job is to optimize your workspace as much as possible so that blacksmiths can work together to create things from simple to very complex. Above all, providing customer-satisfactory services across the city. Each blacksmith can specialize in a specific area or become a balancing blacksmith to assist the player when needed.

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From Luka Glavonjir, Founder and Developer of Untitled Studio
“I’m really happy working with Hooded Horse. All of the games Hooded Horse makes are games I want to play and make. They’ve been very well received and I admire the company’s approach to publishing.”

From Tim Bender, CEO of Hooded Horse
“We are delighted to be working with Untitled Studios. Blacksmith Master is a visceral, unique and highly replayable experience unlike any other.

Blacksmith Master is set to launch later this year in Early Access for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game also supports French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Czech, Chinese (Simplified), Thai, and Turkish. View the press file here.

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