April 23, 2024


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There’s absolute room for improvement in ‘CoD: MW2’ and ‘Warzone’ – Nintendo Switch can run high-end AAA titles, Microsoft insists |  GameBusiness.jp

There’s absolute room for improvement in ‘CoD: MW2’ and ‘Warzone’ – Nintendo Switch can run high-end AAA titles, Microsoft insists | GameBusiness.jp

Screenshot of the Steam version of Warzone 2.0.

Regarding Activision Blizzard’s acquisition the other day, of a Nintendo console”Call of duty(Call of Duty) series, Microsoft has issued a new response to UK regulators saying it is confident Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone will work on Nintendo Switch.

There’s no reason why 2015’s GPU-supported Warzone couldn’t be optimized for the Switch

Microsoft claims Warzone supports the GPU it launched in 2015, so even a 200-player Battle Royale game would be perfect on Nintendo Switch. He said there was no reason why this should not be done. The previous deal didn’t explicitly mention “Nintendo Switch,” and there were rumors that it might be Nintendo’s next-generation console, but there seem to be plans to release it on Switch.

In addition, the Activision development team has a long history of improving games, and Warzone supports a wide range of devices, from Xbox One released in 2013 to Xbox Series X, so it can also work on Switch. I also claim this is possible.

He claims that it can be improved with the technology used in the Switch version of “Apex.” However, outside media outlets have pointed out concerns.

He also cites other Switch titles. With the technology used in titles like “Apex Legends,” “DOOM Eternal,” “Fortnite,” and “Crysis 3” ported to Switch, not only “Warzone” but also “MW2” can be improved upon. convinced.

On the other hand, foreign mediaVGCPoint out the anxiety factor. “DOOM Eternal” has a low playback setting of 30 FPS for gameplay and 20 FPS for cut scenes, and is primarily a single-player title, calling it a heavily hacked game compared to the others.

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It’s not a cloud copy, it’s a native process. What will happen to the Switch version of CoD?

Steam version “CoD: MW2” screenshot.

There are some works like “Resident Evil 7” that have been released on Nintendo Switch but are on the cloud version. Some have speculated that if Call of Duty launches on the Nintendo Switch, it will be a cloud release, but this claim seems to take aim at the original behavior at least.

As pointed out by VGC, there are many instances where the Nintendo Switch version is inferior to other platform versions in terms of performance. Matches are also an important factor in CoD, so there will likely be differences between platforms.

There’s no official information on the release at the moment, but the focus will be on what type of ending it will play on Nintendo Switch.